The transfer of Russian Su-35s to Belarus has been completed

Russian Su-35 fighters have completed their relocation from the Far East in Belarus for the exercises “Union Determination – 2022”, the Russian Ministry of Defense told TASS. Russian pilots were solemnly welcomed in Belarus – with a military band, bread and salt. “Su-35C multi-role fighters from the Eastern Military District, involved in the inspection of […]

Taiwan claims Chinese aircraft intruded into its airspace

Photo: Chinese aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense zone near the Parthian Islands At least 39 Chinese fighter jets have entered Taiwanese airspace. In response, Taiwanese fighters were raised. Taiwan reported the largest Chinese air force incursion into its air defense zone since October. The air border was simultaneously violated by 39 Chinese military aircraft. […]

The Netherlands is sending fighters to our country

The Netherlands sends fighters to Bulgaria, BGNES reported. It’s about two fighters F-35 of the 5th generation, which will arrive in April and May. At the moment it is not clear in which Bulgarian air base stealth aircraft will be deployed. Russia has demanded that NATO forces leave Bulgaria and Romania As part of the […]

Spain sent warships to the Black and Mediterranean Seas

Photo: Spanish ships join NATO forces in the Mediterranean and Black Seas The minesweeper is already on the way, and the frigate will leave within three to four days. The possibility of sending fighters to Bulgaria is also being considered. Spain’s ships are joining NATO naval forces in the Mediterranean and Black Seas due […]

Athens: Turkish fighters violate our airspace

F-16 fighters Turkish fighters have violated the airspace of Greece, the electronic edition of the Greek newspaper “Proto Tema” reported, quoted by BTA. According to the information, four F-16 fighters of the Turkish Air Force entered the Greek airspace at 13:05 over the small island of Inuses near the island of Chios.At 14:41, two other […]

Greece accuses Turkey of 42 airspace violations

Greek F-16 fighters forced intruders to leave the country’s airspace Greek military aircraft rose to intercept the armed Turkish F-16 fighters. On Friday, Turkish military aircraft violated Greek airspace dozens of times. This is reported on December 17 TASS with reference to the General Staff of the National Defense of Greece. It is indicated that […]

In India, the military killed 14 civilians by mistake / GORDON

The military mistook the group of workers for militants and opened fire. More than 10 civilians were injured as a result of the incident. Authorities in Nagaland told Reuters that an investigation will be conducted and those responsible will be punished. According to the Prime Minister of the state of Neifiu Rio, the incident was […]