Russia announces completion of part of military exercises

Photo: Shoigu says mass exercises in Russia are ending Military exercises from almost all districts are taking part in the exercises throughout Russia, Shoigu said. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Monday, February 14, said that part of the military exercises in the country were coming to an end. He said this at a […]

Large-scale exercise “Zametil-2022” started in Ukraine

At the maneuvers the Ukrainian military will practice troop control during combat operations. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have begun command and staff exercises Zametil-2022, where they will practice the management of groups of troops during combat operations. About this General Staff of the AFU on Facebook. Stay up-to-date with the Telegram Channel Quick Focus. […]

Hanych provoked a storm: Agatha, you really exaggerated this!

“I weigh 64 kg and at my height178 cm all the boxes turned green. Satisfied? I’m not! 64 is a crazy number for me, so I’m going to try a new method. Weigh each other, exercise more, eat less, cough up everything around you and focus at least a little on yourself, “ zaperlila Agáta […]

New Science Says Exercise Affects Almost Every Cell in the Body

United States.- With the beginning of the new year, the resolutions come, and among them is that of exercise, to lose weight, after the Christmas season left us with a few extra kilos, however, a new study showed that the exercise not only serves to lose weight, but also helps almost every cell in the […]

Exercises of Russia and Belarus Zapad-2021: photo report

Photo: Exercises at the training ground in Belarus About 200,000 people are taking part in the largest exercise since the Cold War in Europe. At five Belarusian and nine Russian training grounds, large-scale military exercises West-2021. They are attended by about 200 thousand people, over 80 aircraft and helicopters, up to 760 units of […]

CDC, warning! The Delta strain is as contagious as chickenpox

The Delta strain is the new threat of coronavirus. This mutation is already wreaking havoc all over the world and threatening a new increase in covid cases in the autumn. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) warns that the new Delta viral strain of coronavirus is as contagious as chickenpox. This mutation can be transmitted […]

The poet Gérard Le Gouic delivers his “Exercises of unbelief”

“I don’t believe in You / But my struggle against you / Grants you a presence greater / Than the one I wanted to destroy. “ At 85 years old, Gérard Le Gouic sees the high spheres, his feet firmly anchored on his land, to Rosporden (Finistère), in his manor house with the square tower. […]

Role model Roger Federer: Relaxation succeeds when fishing – Rems-Murr-Kreis

By Susanne Degel Susanne DegelProfile July 15, 2021 – 7:10 p.m. Philipp Hesse is the new head coach of the tennis players in Oeffingen. Photo: P / atricia Sigerist Philipp Hesse has been the new head coach of the tennis department at TV Oeffingen since May. The focus of the B license holder and family […]