An important decision for all drivers! If you stop to check, and …

A driver who refuses to be tested under the Road Traffic Act for the presence of alcohol and / or drugs in his blood commits two separate administrative violations. This was decided by the General Assembly of Judges of the Supreme Administrative Court in its interpretative decision, published today. Interpretative case № 1 of 2021 […]

Biden temporarily handed over powers to vice president

Harris will receive the powers of the President of the United States for a while. The American president will be examined under anesthesia. At this time, Harris will receive his powers. US President Joe Biden on Friday, November 19, went to the hospital, where he will be under anesthesia. In this regard, he will temporarily […]

Assoc. Prof. Alexander Oscar drained BGN 178 thousand from the Health Insurance Fund

Dr. Alexander Oscar An inspection found that the ophthalmologist from “Alexandrovska” reported 3,000 false documents for examinations. He appealed An ophthalmologist from Alexandrovska Hospital, Assoc. Prof. Alexander Oscar, drained hundreds of thousands of levs from the National Health Insurance Fund, reporting false documents for fictitious examinations, hospitalizations and manipulations. This was established by an inspection […]

Potential separatist accomplice detained in Luhansk region

Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Defense Resident of Lugansk detained at the checkpoint A database check confirmed that the person was suspected of involvement in illegal armed groups. On Saturday, December 16, a 58-year-old woman was detained at a checkpoint in the Stanichno-Luhansk district of the Luhansk region, who is suspected of involvement […]

Maya Manolova pushes to Boyko Borisov’s bedroom in “Palamara” (VIDEO)

Maya Manolova in the hunting farm “Palamara” Maya Manolova surprisingly visited the Palamara hunting farm, which various people claim was used by former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov for secret meetings. On Monday, the head of the forestry agency, Alexander Dunchev, was there for inspection, along with Democratic Bulgaria MP Vladislav Panev. Then the management of […]

NABU will deal with the money of the “Big Construction”

Photo: Office of the President NABU will check the use of funds in the framework of the “Big Construction” The President previously announced the construction of about 1,000 facilities under the Big Construction program during 2021-2022. The National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) will inspect the use of public funds in the implementation of the presidential project […]