Boyko Stankushev: Ukraine is just the beginning, we are also at the forefront

We are in a pre-war situation. I believe that Ukraine is only the first move and Bulgaria is also in the interests of the Russian Empire, commented in the morning block of Nova TV journalist Boyko Stankushev together with Prof. Ivaylo Dichev. “Russians are brought up to think they are an empire, to be above […]

Putin: It is not true that I plan to restore the borders of the Russian Empire

Russian President Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin has called speculation that he intends to restore the borders of the Russian Empire. This happened during the talks with his Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliyev. “You know that yesterday Russia decided to recognize the sovereignty of the two people’s republics of Donbass. I want to say immediately: […]

The mystery of the ‘Russian Flu’ in 1889, the Unsolved Corona Virus? – In May 1889, people living in Bukhara, a city that later became part of the Russian Empire, began to get sick and dying. The respiratory virus that killed them was known as the Russian flu. The virus then spread throughout the world, patients flooding hospitals and killing the elderly with a ferocity unlike […]

168 Hours: Why the British Call Turkey “Turki”

The founder of the Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Exactly 99 years ago Mustafa Kemal Ataturk changed not only the model of government, but also the name of the country The name Republic of Turkey was adopted in 1923, when the life of the Ottoman Empire officially ended. The founder of the secular state, […]

Sensational video from Skopje 106 years ago!

A documentary from the First World War, which shows life in the city of Skopje, then still in the Ottoman Empire, but you can see signs of shops with text and spelling in Bulgarian The well-known media lawyer Tsvetan Tsvetanov sent the following letter to the editorial office of “24 Chasa”: the time of the […]

Christian ring from the Roman Empire unveiled in Israel

Israel unveiled Wednesday, December 22, hundreds of archaeological objects discovered during marine excavations in the Mediterranean, including a gold ring remained underwater for 1,700 years and engraved with the figure of the Good Shepherd, allegory of Jesus. The objects were discovered in recent months off Caesarea, between the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa, […]

New York: when the Empire State Building lights up for Josephine Baker

Under the gaze of French basketball player Evan Fournier, the iconic New York skyscraper, the Empire State Building, lit up in the colors of France on Monday evening to honor Joséphine Baker, on the eve of the entrance to the Pantheon of the black artist born in the United States. By the editorial staff Published […]