Nearly 200 alerts were received in the Emergency Room on New Year’s Eve

188 signals were received by the teams of the capital’s Emergency Medical Aid on the holiday night. Among them are drunks celebrating and infected with COVID-19. Emergency medics report an increase in the number of signals compared to last year, when, however, the facilities did not work due to COVID measures, BNT reported. “For these […]

Polish border guard who escaped to Belarus is suspected of espionage – media

Photo: screenshot In Poland, a criminal case was opened against Emil Chechko Shortly before the escape, the soldier was detained for drunk driving, and traces of marijuana use were also found in his analyzes. Polish border guard Emil Chechko, who fled to Belarus, is suspected of espionage, the newspaper reports. Onet with reference to their […]

Man Sleeping on the Street After a Alcohol Party Killed by a Drunk Motorcycle

Solo, CNN Indonesia — A construction worker from Jepara, Deri Kusuma Widyanto (25) was found dead in Jetis Hamlet, Kenep Village, Sukoharjo Regency, Central Java, Saturday (11/12) night. Previously, it was suspected that Deri was a murder victim. One of the factors was that when the body was found, it was in a condition of […]

Selena Gomez’s “double” dies in the USA

Photo: Skyler Hicks The performer was 23 years old. Previously, she was arrested for assaulting her family while intoxicated. American pop singer Skyler Hicks was found dead. Her body was found at a friend’s house in South Carolina. Writes about it Deadline. Skyler Hicks passed away at 23. Her death was confirmed by her […]

A policeman got drunk like a Cossack, a man hit VIDEO

The director of the Lovech Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, Senior Commissioner Stanislav Velikov, has ordered an immediate inspection in connection with a road accident between a car and a truck that took place early this morning in Troyan, involving an employee of the local Troyan Regional Police Department. Velikov has also prepared […]

SDVR caught boss Andre Tokev drunk behind the wheel

Chef Andre Tokev was spotted drunk on the road. Testing with a druggist showed the presence of 1.9 per mille of alcohol, Nova TV reported. The chef was stopped on the Ring Road in Sofia. Tokev was detained for 24 hours from SDVR in connection with the action of the Ministry of Interior against driving […]