Reznikov: My task is to prepare the country for joining NATO / GORDON

“Do you sympathize or congratulate?” – he said in response to the presenter’s congratulations on his new position. Then the journalist asked why Reznikov needed such changes. “This was the proposal and instruction of the President of Ukraine. Since I made a decision for myself to stay in public service and not sit on the […]

US imposed sanctions on Iranian citizens and companies for using drones

“The US is imposing sanctions on six Iranian UAV proliferation sites. We are firmly committed to countering all of Iran’s threatening activities and those who support them,” the diplomat wrote. The U.S. is sanctioning six Iranian targets linked to the regime’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle activities. We are firmly committed to countering all of Iran’s threatening […]

Ukraine will admit international organizations to the Russian Kosyak detained in Donbass so that everyone can see whom the Russian Federation is sending to fight / GORDON

A jamb as part of a group of armed persons with armbands of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Ceasefire and Stabilization of the Line of Delimitation of the Parties (JCCC), under the guise of demining, carried out reconnaissance of the abandoned positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), the Ukrainian delegation […]

Crimean platform is a very strong blow to Putin personally / GORDON

This came up after the journalist mentioned that after statements from Turkey regarding the occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula by Russia, “Putin suddenly did not like turkish tomatoes“. “The Crimean platform is a very strong blow to President Putin personally. Therefore, we understand his emotional reaction and we are satisfied with it. This means that […]

NATO will send half of the staff of the Russian mission – media

20 people worked in the mission of the Russian Federation to NATO Eight Russian diplomats will be expelled. The positions of two more Russians were laid off. NATO will send eight members of the Russian mission for hostile activities. Their number will be reduced to 10 people, the TV channel reported. Sky News Wednesday, October […]