Chris Prat and Katrina Schwarzenegere have a second child

Chris Prats, the star of the Guardians of the Galaxy, has shaped his followers on social media about the birth of his second child and revealed the name the wife and his wife have chosen for their newborn daughter. Catherine Schwarzenegere, the eldest daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California and star of […]

German media reveals new details about Putin’s daughter’s novel with Zelensky

Bild Online reported that Zelensky had resigned as artistic director immediately after Tikhonov was blacklisted by the European Union as a result of Russia’s war against Ukraine. He has already left Germany. The ballet master referred to “family circumstances”, reports the site “Facts”. Michael Virginia, a spokesman for the Bavarian State Ballet, said in a […]

A large hangar has caught fire in Cibla, Ludza region

The SFRS received an invitation to the scene tonight at 20.23. The hangar of 200 square meters and its roof of 200 square meters have been found burning at the scene. At 22.09, this high-risk fire was localized and is currently being extinguished. There are 13 fire and rescue workers, four tank trucks and one […]

Erdogan urges Swedish prime minister to end support for “terrorist” groups

Erdogan told Anderson in a telephone conversation that “Sweden’s political and financial support, as well as its support for armed terrorist organizations, must be stopped,” the president’s office said. Turkey has threatened to block Sweden and Finland from joining NATO, accusing both countries of supporting illegal Kurdish militants in Turkey. The president of the United […]

Films about world fashion legends will be shown at Riga Fashion Week

Saturday, May 28, at The autobiographical musical by Jean-Paul Gotty will open the 17.00 film screening series “Jean Paul Gaultier: Freak & Chic”. The genius Gotti was the first to introduce kitsch to the world fashion scene, inviting non-standard models, as well as realizing the attractiveness of a fashion designer in mass culture. It was […]

Russia suspends natural gas supplies to Finland

The Finnish natural gas company Gasum announced on Friday that the supply of natural gas will be suspended. As Gazprom explained, Gasum has not paid in rubles for gas, as demanded by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Gasum confirmed that Russian gas supplies had been suspended on Saturday and that customers would receive gas from other […]

Rianna and rapper A $ AP Rocky’s baby have been born

According to TMZ, the boy has been born, but the name has not been revealed yet. The baby was born on May 13 in Los Angeles. Rianna deserved special attention during her pregnancy, as she showed off her belly in a variety of fashions and could even say she broke stereotypes about what her expectant […]

Russian singer Zemfira releases powerful anti-war song “Meat”

The war-themed drawings shown in the video were created by actress and director Renata Litvonova. She is also the director of the clip. Zemfir and Litvonov left Russia at the beginning of the war. Litvonova has posted a link to a music video on her Telegram channel. “We must not kill each other. We must […]

PHOTO: People arrive at the premiere of “Don Juan” at the Latvian National Opera

“Wolfgang Amadeja Mozart”Dons Juan “is, in my opinion, one of the best operas of the 18th century. So dramatic and at the same time comical. I’ve had that happiness with”Give Juan “to work several times, also in the production of Andrejs Žagars in 2009. The opera is very concentrated, with stable drama, many beautiful and […]