Car news: first ride with the new Peugeot 308

It’s a car to look at again. The new 308 will be produced as both a five-door hatchback and a practical station wagon. “The new 308 looks as big as the old one, but it’s an optical maniac. The wheelbase alone is 55 mm longer. The machine itself is 2 cm lower, so it has […]

Courtney Cardashyan and Trevis Barker are also officially married

Courtney Kardashyan and Trevis Barker are officially married and are now married before the law. Courtney Cardashyan and Trevis Barker in 2022 +16 Watch more The 43-year-old reality show star and the 46-year-old musician gave each other a word last Sunday, May 15, in Santa Barbara, California. Only close friends and both families were invited […]

Rinkevich: Russia must take full responsibility and cost in rebuilding Ukraine

At the meeting, EU foreign ministers discussed EU support for Ukraine, EU sanctions against Russia and Belarus, and the Western Balkans. The EU Foreign Affairs Council was preceded by a meeting of the EU-Canada Joint Ministerial Committee. During the meeting, the parties discussed global challenges in the world, including foreign policy and security priorities, as […]

British intelligence services do not predict a rapid advance of Russian troops in Ukraine

“Russia’s offensive in the Donbass has lost momentum and is far behind schedule. Despite some initial progress, Russia has failed to achieve significant territorial gains over the past month,” the report said. British intelligence has estimated that Russia is likely to have lost a third of the ground combat forces involved in February. After the […]

How to lose weight quickly in a week: the diets to follow

Come lose weight in a week? With the arrival of high temperatures, this weekend we already see the first all to the sea and everyone is running for cover or trying to do it thinking about diet and fitness. Here are the diets, different according to everyone’s needs, that allow you to lose weight quickly.It […]