New EU sanctions against Russia will also affect Bulgaria, MEPs warn

MEPs from the European People’s Party Andrei Kovachev and from “Renew Europe” Ilhan Kyuchyuk believe that the fifth package of sanctions prepared by the European Union (EU) against Russia will negatively affect Bulgaria. Andrey Kovachev from the EPP cannot help but influence Bulgaria. “It will affect every country. This crisis is affecting absolutely everyone. Today […]

Mariupol City Council announced traitors-deputies from the Opposition Platform for Life

Photo: In Mariupol, all buses prepared for the evacuation of the population were burned It was the traitorous deputies from the Opposition Platform for Life that helped the Russians quickly paralyze the city and create a humanitarian catastrophe, the City Council noted. Evidence of collaborationism of five deputies of the Maruipol City Council belonging […]

How Elena Guncheva became Putin’s enemy

Vazrazhdane MP Elena Guncheva faces between 5 and 15 years in prison if it is established that she has committed a crime against the republic. But who is she? In the 47th National Assembly, she is one of the new deputies that the audience remembered the fastest. Not only because of her scraping P, the […]