Russia held a gathering of the command staff of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation The Russian military regularly trains in the occupied territory of Crimea As part of the collection at the Crimean Opuk training ground, the technique of defense and seizure of a section of the coast was demonstrated. The Russian military held a gathering of the command staff of […]

Prof. Ognian Kunchev: The lockdown should be introduced immediately

Prof. Ognyan Kunchev, mathematician from BAS “The data coming out on Monday over the weekend are not accurate, but in fact we have at least 4,000 infected at least who have shown symptoms,” Prof. Ognian Kunchev, a mathematician at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, told BNR. “These 4000 are the visible part of the iceberg, […]

The DPRK military showed how they break concrete with their heads

Photo: screenshot Special Forces of the DPRK The fighters demonstrated in front of Kim Jong-un their skills of lying on broken glass and breaking concrete with their hands. At a military exhibition in Pyongyang, North Korean special forces demonstrated their ability to smash bricks and bend iron bars with their fists. The corresponding video was […]