Salud remembers the interval between one dose and another

The former Minister of Finance, César Barreto, sees it difficult for Paraguay to consume in the next 5 years the total surplus that corresponds to Itaipu Binacional’s energy production. He asserted that these resources could be used in investments aimed at the development of the country’s infrastructure, or create an investment fund where the amounts […]

The Nation / Taiwan approves the use of its first vaccine against COVID-19

Fish farming is an area that has been growing steadily in recent years, and only in 2019 it was possible to produce 19,000 tons, according to journalistic publications. Taiwan’s experience in aquaculture and its support in the development of the pacú farming industry in Paraguay was essential for such growth through the assistance provided. The […]

La Nación / Covax signals that it will send more vaccines

Despite this, Euclides Acevedo is optimistic about the arrival of more immunizers, he estimates that 2021 will close with 4 million anti-COVID doses. Photo: Courtesy. July 16, 2021 4:45 PM Foreign Minister Euclides Acevedo does not rule out making a “diplomatic claim” to the Covax mechanism due to the delay in the delivery of the […]

The Nation / Criminals use vaccination card information to hack WhatsApp

Since this Wednesday, several vaccinations were released from the termination of the number of identity cards for people 35 years of age and older. Likewise, they extended their opening hours, with the exception of the Ñemby hill, where the hours remain from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., which caused the discontent of users. In response […]

Government bets on Sequera to encourage vaccination

In Wembley, on Sunday in the final of the Eurocup, Italy will have the support of some 10,000 ‘tifosi’ among the 65,000 spectators that are expected, the vast majority English, with a box of honor in which will be Prince William and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Against Denmark, on Wednesday in the semi-finals, the […]

La Nación / Borba travels to the US to negotiate J&J vaccines, of a single dose

The head of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Julio Borba, will undertake a trip this weekend to the United States in an official transfer to directly negotiate the Janssen vaccines against the coronavirus, with the Johnson & Johnson laboratory. “This weekend I am traveling to New Jersey to see what is related to the negotiations […]

La Nación / From Saturday the Pfizer vaccines can be applied

The businessman Norman Harrison, president of the Polyclinic, celebrated the announcement of the arrival of Pfizer vaccines to the country. The logistics capacity is assured and guaranteed for the storage and transfer of the one million doses donated by the United States. It is proposed to declare a holiday to advance in the vaccination process. […]