Pandemic of new coronavirus as real as new flu

It could well be that a next pandemic will be caused by a still unknown coronavirus, but a new flu pandemic also has a good chance, according to experts. An outbreak of a dangerous ‘paramyxovirus’ unknown to most people is also looming. This is apparent from an informal poll by de Volkskrant among dozens of […]

Researchers see a quarter more anxiety and depression because of the…

Psychological complaints such as anxiety and depression have increased by a quarter worldwide in the first year of the corona pandemic, according to researchers from the Free University in Amsterdam and the World Health Organization (WHO). Their study confirms once again that this is especially the case for young people. The researchers call the information […]

Visitors to full Greek restaurant should avoid enforcement…

Opening of the catering industry (not the Greek restaurant from the article in the photo) was closed on Saturday until five o’clock in the afternoon. Image: John Peters Roermond – Greek Restaurant Irodion in Roermond had to ask the guests in the restaurant on Saturday evening to leave the business immediately. The restaurant had been […]

Spain will treat corona as flu from now on

Spain wants to make a major change in its corona policy. In addition, corona will no longer be regarded as a pandemic, but increasingly as an endemic disease that occasionally crops up, just like the normal flu. That is why Spain is working on a new surveillance system: Sentinel. This is similar to the flu […]

Number of corona patients in hospitals decreased by 148, co…

The number of corona patients currently in Dutch hospitals has fallen further in the past 24 hours. On Christmas Day, 1978 people are hospitalized with Covid-19, according to the most recent figures from the National Coordination Center for Patients Spreading (LCPS). That is 148 less than a day earlier. A total of 534 people are […]

FIOD arrests man behind website where coronavirus ordered …

The tax investigation service FIOD arrested a man on Friday morning who is associated with the website ‘’, where the virus could be ordered in a tube in order to self-contaminate. He is accused of fraud. Via the website one could order a ‘corona kit’ with a tube ‘full of virus’ with which the buyer […]

Young children with increased medical risk can receive a vaccine…

Photo for illustration. Image: ANP / ANP Children between the ages of 5 and 11 with an increased medical risk will soon be able to receive a corona vaccination. Outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) reported this to the House of Representatives on Wednesday. In doing so, he is adopting an earlier recommendation from […]

Cause of blood clots after AstraZeneca probably found

Scientists believe they have found the cause of the very rare side effect of the AstraZeneca vaccine in which blood clots (thrombosis) are formed. Researchers in Wales and the United States, according to the BBC found that a protein in the blood is attracted to an important part of the vaccine. AstraZeneca’s vaccine is estimated […]

WHO advises people over 60 not to travel

Image: Dutch Height / ANP People over 60 should put their travel plans on hold to avoid exposure to the risks associated with the omicron variant, says the World Health Organization (WHO). He does repeat that general travel bans are not useful to stop the spread of the virus, whether mutated or not. The WHO […]

Mild corona infection pregnant woman can sometimes be fatal to baby

Image: Getty Images/Tetra images RF Even a mild corona infection can sometimes be fatal for the unborn baby in pregnant women, researchers at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam believe. They have established that the mothers of thirteen babies who died in the abdomen before birth had a corona infection, confirms gynecologist Sam Schoenmakers after reporting by […]