Fifth fewer corona patients in intensive care

There are now 177 corona patients in intensive care, almost a fifth less than a week earlier. This is evident from the online dashboard of health institute Sciensano on Saturday. However, the number of hospital admissions is increasing slightly. Today at 07:27 Inland In the past seven days, an average of 145 patients were admitted […]

Reproduction number in danger zone again | The standard

Most corona numbers are still falling, but the reproduction number is back at 1 for the first time in more than a month. Above that threshold, the epidemic gains momentum. Between February 26 and March 4, an average of 6,066 new infections were detected daily, according to the latest update from health institute Sciensano. That […]

Coronavirus continues to lose impact

The corona pandemic continues to lose momentum in Belgium. The number of new infections and hospital admissions falls by almost a third, according to data from Sciensano on Wednesday morning. From February 20 to 26, an average of 6,471 confirmed coronavirus infections per day, 30 percent less than in the previous week. Because there are […]

Van Gucht: ‘Already 41 percent corona infections caused by omikron’

About 41 percent of the infections in Belgium are now caused by the omikron variant of the corona virus. Virologist Steven Van Gucht announced this on Friday at the press conference of the National Crisis Center. Converted, this means that last week about 3,000 people were infected with the omikron variant, last week there were […]

Vaccination of young children can start as early as next month

If the ministers of health give the green light for the vaccination of 5- to 11-year-olds next week, Flanders wants to start with this quickly. The places where they will get their shot have not yet been determined. While almost a quarter of the vaccinated Flemish people have received their booster shot against Covid-19, the […]

United Kingdom prevents travelers from South Africa…

A new variant of the coronavirus is worrying scientists. ‘The variant may have effects on the infectiousness and the effectiveness of the vaccines’, writes microbiologist Emmanuel André. The B.1.1.529 variant is mainly found in South Africa. The United Kingdom is preemptively canceling flights from the country. A new variant of the coronavirus is worrying scientists […]

EMA looks into AstraZeneca’s drug against covid-1…

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has started the assessment procedure for a new drug against the coronavirus: Evusheld. Swedish-British manufacturer AstraZeneca developed the drug to prevent Covid-19 in adults. The first test results showed that the medicine – which consists of the active ingredients Tixagevimab and Cilgavimab – can be used effectively to protect against […]

Video shows how destructive the coronavirus behaves in…

It has the premise of a horror movie, of an invader parasitizing and eventually destroying its host, but it’s a video of how the coronavirus behaves in a bat’s brain. The video shows exactly how the virus works and how dangerous the virus really is: “It’s important to get people beyond the scientific jargon and […]