surprise rebound in consumer confidence in April

U.S. consumer confidence unexpectedly rebounded in April as the outlook for jobs and wages was positive, but the level remains very low, according to the University of Michigan survey’s preliminary estimate released Thursday. The index measuring confidence jumped 10.6% in April from March, and climbed to 65.7 points, surprising analysts who expected a further drop […]

Boycott of Winiary mayonnaise. Internet users praise Kielecki

As experts note, Internet users attach great importance to the fact that the product does not contain ingredients such as calcium-disodium salt (EDTA, E385), thickeners, starch, artificial flavors and stabilizers such as gum arabic (E414) or xanthan gum (E415). Many conversations on this topic take place in social media on profiles related to dietetics.

SERNAC launches the first credit card comparator

this tool will allow consumers to compare all charges associated with credit cards available on the market, distinguishing maintenance charges, “cash advance” and his use abroadamong others. The comparator concentrates information on 194 valid cardsincluding those that are no longer offered but are still used by some consumers. exist relevant differences in the case of […]

Bills, the New Year’s sting: electricity + 55% and gas + 41.8%

ROMA – Utility bills: as expected, the sting of New Year’s. From January 1st there are new ones record increases for energy tariffs that will be in effect until March 31: forelectricity there will be a 55% higher spending, while for the natural gas will be 41.8%. Energy: the year of record increases and 2022 […]

A1 accused Cornelia Ninova of populism and non-market actions

Cornelia Ninova PHOTO: Archive “Cepiozniyat politichecki otpop, koyto cpeshtame, e ppodiktyvan from the popylizam, a DO NOT from the nay-dobpiya intepec na potpebitelite. Polyata na dapzhavata and chactnoct na Minictepctvoto na ikonomikata and indyctpiyata e ea namepi nay-dobpiya balanc mezhdy nyzhdite na bizneca and this refined na kpaynite Unfortunately, the communication is not carried out […]

Vaccination intention: who would get booster doses – Sectors – Economy

The specter of inflation, which is already at 5.26 percent and threatens to stay on the rise for longer, is one of the reasons why Colombians have less confidence than a month ago. In November, the Consumer Confidence Indicator (ICC) that measures the Dane was at 37.6 percent, which represents a fall of 0.9 points […]

Party drug ketamine users are at risk of a stoma – Radar

The Association of Urology is concerned about the increasing use of the party drug ketamine among young people. The use of the drug often leads to damage to the bladder. The possible consequence of this is the removal of the bladder and the placement of a stoma, Nieuwsuur reports. Urologist Bart van Bezooijen sees more […]