Sinn Féin achieves a historic electoral victory, but will not govern Northern Ireland

Michelle O’Neill (left) and Sinn Féin leader Mary Louise McDonald celebrate the results of the Northern Ireland election on Saturday. / REUTERS The party confirms its effectiveness, although unionism will boycott autonomy to force changes to the borders with Great Britain Sinn Féin, historically associated with the IRA terrorist group, is the most voted party […]

Turkish cargo ship sinks near Mariupol after shelling

PHOTO: STATE BORDER SERVICE OF UKRAINE The Bulgarian ship “Tsarevna” is located in the area. A Turkish civilian ship sank in the port of Mariupol after it was fired at with rockets on Monday night, Ukrainskaya Pravda reported. This is confirmed by Kyiv and the authorities in Donetsk. The injured ship is Turkish, but operates […]

The Aragonese vaccine against Alzheimer’s confirms its safety

The Aragonese vaccine against Alzheimer’s, in which development has been working since 2014, continues to have a promising future after phase II trials have yielded results confirming a “excellent safety profile and tolerability”. In addition, according to sources from the company Araclon Biotech, based in Zaragozait has been found “an elevated immune response” in patients […]

The Anonymous published 35,000 secret files of the Russian central bank

Representatives of the organization “Anonymous” Frame: youtube The hacker group “Anonymous” published 35,000 secret files of the Central Bank of Russia, thus confirming the information from Thursday that the financial department was subjected to a cyber attack, BNT reports. Although the Russian bank has denied hacking attacks, a post appeared on Twitter’s Anonymous account with […]

Nadal reconfirmed the incredible story of reinventing himself as a player

Rafael Nadal won the Mexican Tennis Open for the fourth time. The first time was when I was 18 years old / AP Nobody would have imagined that Rafael Nadal had the best start of his career as a professional tennis player at 35 years of age. The Spaniard is experiencing a “second youth” in […]

Scandal at the national selection for Eurovision 2022: Pash crossed the border with Crimea

Photo: Alina Pash Official documents have appeared that confirm that the singer visited the territory of the temporarily occupied peninsula. The public broadcaster released documents confirming that the winner of the National Selection for Eurovision 2022 Alina Pash crossed the administrative border with the temporarily occupied Crimea from Ukraine. This is stated in the […]

Toronto Raptors confirm against New York Knicks

The Toronto Raptors, finally complete after having had in their ranks several injuries and positive cases of Covid-19, confirmed their positive dynamic by winning widely at home 120-105 against the New York Knicks, overwhelmed. Two days after beating the Los Angeles Clippers 116-108, Nick Nurse’s men continued, relying on their point guard Fred VanVleet, author […]