Hana Zagorová will not just return to the stage: She admitted…

Singer Hana Zagorová has been struggling a lot with her health in recent years. First she was knocked down by a covid, then she collapsed due to a long-term blood disease and spent some time in the hospital. Over time, it seemed that Hana Zagorová was in full force and would soon return to the […]

The Warning at the Teatro Metropólitan 2022: ticket prices and dates

This afternoon it was announced that the Villareal sisters, members of The Warning, they would give a concert in the CDMX in the TMetropolitan Theatern. The royals will visit the Mexican capital to delight all their fans from the center of the country and these are all the details so you can enjoy their music. […]

war and art

Recently, the National University was the scene of an event that deserves to be replicated in many places in Colombia and the world. Artists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, the United Kingdom and Colombia paid a moving tribute to the victims of the war in Ukraine with the universal language of music. From the great […]

No good news! Zagor spoke

Unfortunately, canceling concerts became Hanča’s routine. Even in the spring, Haničika Písničky fans will not see it. She canceled both the concert in Konopiště and the birthday concert of Rádio Blaník. “Unfortunately, we learned this week that her health condition does not allow her to participate, because she would not be able to show the […]

Zahara, music that looks at the heart

When the pandemic hit and global music venues closed, artists faced an unusual situation. Without concerts, without promotional tours and without the applause of the public; with loneliness and silence biting his days. And for Zahara, a Spanish interpreter, it was the opportunity to look inside herself to get inspired. But he didn’t like what […]

FDP Wil: No further loans in reserve for the Turm property

The FDP Wil criticizes the approach in connection with the planned development of the Turm property. Before further measures are initiated and thus further costs are incurred, the fundamental question must be clarified as to which owner wants to use and operate the property for what purpose in the future and what investment and follow-up […]

Schlager night of the year 2022: Dates, places, postponements, artists

the Hit night of the year 2022 takes place in several cities throughout the year. Here you can find them Dates 2022, places and who will be thereas far as the plans indicate. Schlager night of the year 2022 dates, who is there? Places – Photo: Free-Photos on Pixabay The Schlager Night of the Year […]