Bloody night in France with police killed after Macron’s victory

Despite the fact that French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen called Emmanuel Macron to acknowledge his victory in the election, protests erupted in France, dissatisfied with the results and led to brutal clashes with police, news agencies reported. Police are reported to use tear gas, protesters raised barricades. There are protests not only in the […]

Clashes in Sweden between police and protesters

Three people were injured fierce clashes between police and protesters in Norrkoping, southwest of Stockholm, Swedish police said, quoted by AFP. The riots were over caused by the statements to the leader of the far-right Hard Line political party, Danish-Swedish politician Rasmus Paludan. On April 14, he burned a copy of the Koran in a […]

21 hours of the detained Boyko Borisov, described by lawyer Menkov

30 minutes before they found themselves in Bankya, the police did not know who they would search “as a matter of urgency” The defender assists the uniformed men to take the ex-prime minister out of his home on a route to avoid clashes with angry supporters. Order after order by phone and touring between the […]

More than 2,600 detained after clashes in Kazakhstan

Since the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation in Kazakhstan, authorities detained 2,601 people for participating in illegal activities, robberies and other crimes. “Since the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation, a total of 2,601 participants in illegal actions, robberies and other crimes have been detained. A total of 127 firearms and 4,077 rounds of ammunition were […]

Protests in Kazakhstan. Online broadcast: photo and video

The rise in gas prices led to large-scale protests that escalated into clashes. Against this background, the government resigned. In Kazakhstan, rallies have escalated into riots due to the rise in gas prices. In Almaty, clashes began with the police, the Internet was turned off. Explosions of flash bangs and shots are heard. A state […]

Dispersal of protest in Amsterdam: cops let their dogs down

Фото: Getty Images Protesters clash with police in Amsterdam Police were forced to use force as the protests escalated into violent clashes, media reported. In Amsterdam, violent clashes took place between police and protesters against another lockdown in connection with the coronavirus pandemic on January 2. Twitter users in the comments to the video from […]

Ecuador Prison Riot Kills Dozens of Prisoners

Photo: Second riot in 1.5 months in Guayaquil prison The riot began as a result of clashes between rival gangs. The unrest was stopped by law enforcement officers. In the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil, inmates of one of the largest penitentiary institutions in the country started a riot, which killed at least 58 people. […]

The scenario of an air attack in Donbas from the Russian Federation is too high / GORDON

“[Такой сценарий] too high. I can even say more. There are corresponding strategic assessments that clearly indicate that, apart from the air phase, there will probably no longer be a ground phase. Taking into account its corresponding effectiveness … The transition to other methods of action and the movement of any ground units is a […]

Fatal road accident in Kharkov: the intersection is strewn with debris

Photo: Place of accident After the collision, the cars flew tens of meters more. The driver of one of them was killed. Three passengers of the other were injured. In Kharkov on the evening of Tuesday, October 26, there was a fatal accident. The Infiniti car at high speed drove to the intersection at […]

In Dnepropetrovsk region there is a mass traffic accident, there is a victim

Three people were injured and one was killed in the collision of four cars. The victim had to be cut out of the crumpled car. In the area of ​​the village of Nadezhda in the Dnepropetrovsk region on Monday, October 25, an accident occurred with the participation of four cars. As a result of the […]