Face China, US Strengthens Military Bases in Guam to Australia

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — United States of America reportedly planning to enlarge and strengthen its military base in Guam and Australia in the face of threats China which continues to spread in the area Indo-Pacific. President Joe Biden is said to have ordered Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to develop the plan immediately after taking office […]

China Builds Advanced Technology Carrier, Predicted Release in 2022

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — China It is reported that it is building a state-of-the-art carrier that is expected to be launched in February 2022. This estimate comes after the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) released a satellite image taken on October 23. Based on these satellite images, China is thought to be building […]

Taiwan Unveils Plans Against China’s Attack

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Taiwan reveal their plans to counter the attack China supposed to take their sovereignty away. Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense disclosed the plan in a biennial military strategy report released on Tuesday (9/11). The report lays out plans by Taiwan’s armed forces to extend the military’s deterrent reach to China’s shores. The […]

The Pentagon is nervous, this country is a new nuclear ‘giant’

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Pentagon reiterates China’s weapons development. In its latest report, the US Department of Defense said China has expanded its nuclear arsenal and will have 700 to 1,000 nuclear warheads in 2030. In its latest report to the US Congress, the Pentagon called this part of Beijing’s ambitious development. The report […]

China’s military beats the US if it doesn’t act

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Deputy Joint Chiefs of Staff United States of America, General John Hyten, said that China will defeat the country’s military if the Pentagon does not immediately improve. Hyten made this statement while highlighting China’s “remarkable” military moves in recent times. “The speed with which they are moving and their projections going […]

Get ready for the world, China could become the Earth’s strongest military nation

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Deputy Chairman of the United States (US) Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John Hyten, gave his country a warning about China. He said that China’s defense equipment development was very fast while the US was experiencing bureaucratic problems. Quotes CNN International, Hyten said that with these bureaucratic disturbances and problems, China […]

China Vows Revenge for Joe Biden’s First Weapon Sale to Taiwan

Sosok.ID – The Joe Biden administration’s first arms sale to the island of Taiwan has received US State Department approval. Analysts say this is “not surprising” as the Biden administration has persistently played the “Taiwan card” despite already strained relations. To quote the Pentagon, Reuters reported Thursday (5/8/2021) that the deal includes the potential sale […]

Military Worries More Dams Will Be Destroyed by China’s Floods

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Military China warned that dams destroyed by flooding could add up. This follows the increasing rate of flooding at the Yihetan Dam in Luoyang, Henan. According to a Channel News Asia report, flooding in Luoyang had breached the 20-meter-long Yihetan Dam on Tuesday. People try to break through floods that hit Zhengzhou, […]

Hot! China expels US warships in South China Sea Laut

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– Tensions occurred between China and the United States (US) in the South China Sea (SCS), Monday (12/7/2021). China’s military says it has expelled US warships that entered ‘illegally’ into domestic waters. Launch Reuters, the area is near the Paracel Islands. China says a U.S. Navy ship, the Benfold, entered their territory without […]