The modernized Dacia Duster reveals prices. The base still fits up to CZK 300,000

Prices for the modernized Dacia Duster start at CZK 284,900. This is a bit more than before, but you basically have new LED headlights. Dacia Duster introduced itself in the second generation in 2017, so this time it was time to modernize. Shortly after its introduction, Duster for 2021 also reveals its Czech price list. […]

Dacia Logan (2021): So far, only the LPG version has Czech prices

Dacia launches a new generation of the Logan sedan on the Czech market. While the Sandero hatchback with the same technology is available with three different engines, the Logan offers only one. The Dacia brand reveals Czech awards and other key innovations this year. At the beginning of the year, a new price list for […]

Features, equipment and prices of the DR F35 crossover SUV

DR F35 is a crossover with a refined style, which continues the expansion of the DR Automobiles range. The car is located in a very competitive market segment, but very interesting in terms of sales volumes, let’s see its main features and prices. The dimensions The DR F35 is 447 cm long, 184 cm wide […]

This Lada Granta has 340 horses! And all-wheel drive for that

The grant of the Russian carmaker Lada is a cheap model, basically powered by a modest 16-liter engine with an output of 87 horsepower. But it can be a beast with 340 horses. Such a Grant was built directly in Russia. Lada Granta is an available model of the Russian carmaker, which, after a facelift […]