Merkel is retiring from politics

Angela Merkel PHOTO: Reuters Acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel has confirmed that she no longer intends to engage in politics after leaving office. She stated this today in an interview with Deutsche Welle, BNR reported. “As for what I will do … I will no longer be involved in politics,” Merkel said. “I have already […]

Rush to vaccination centers in Austria

BLow autumn leaves and bright sunshine invited people to go on excursions into nature at the weekend in Austria. But surprisingly many had other goals: the vaccination centers. Where the influx has been sparse since summer, there is suddenly a rush again. The neighbor, who has already picked up the third “stitch”, reports a two-hour […]

Angela Merkel is no longer officially Chancellor

Angela Merkel is no longer officially Federal Chancellor of Germany – today, on the day of the inaugural meeting of the new Bundestag, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier handed over to her cabinet members the official letters for the termination of their powers, Deutsche Welle announced. In accordance with Article 69 of the German Constitution, Steinmeier called […]

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is being investigated for corruption

Sebastian Kurz. Photo by Reuters Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who is under investigation, is suspected of using government funds to secure favorable media coverage, the Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Economic Crime and Corruption was quoted as saying by world news agencies. “Sebastian Kurz and nine other suspects, as well as three organizations, are under investigation […]

A left turn drove the rich out of Germany, moving billions of euros to Switzerland

Olaf Scholz’s Social Democrats and the Greens want a wealth tax again The current Chancellor side by side with Armin Lashet at the last debate A potential left turn in the German election scared the millionaires and they moved assets en masse to Switzerland. If the center-left Social Democrats (SDP), the far-left Left and the […]

Expropriate Deutsche Wohnen & Co: How lawyers judge it

AOn Sunday the Berliners have it in their hands: Then they don’t just vote on the next Federal Chancellor and the composition of their House of Representatives. You also decide whether housing groups such as Deutsche Wohnen & Co. should be “expropriated”. At least that is what the referendum suggests, which will be put to […]

Merkel wants to keep gas transit through Ukraine

Merkel: our task is to preserve Ukraine’s status as a gas transit partner German Chancellor said that Germany wants to keep gas transit through Ukraine after the launch of Nord Stream 2 The German government supports the project Nord Stream 2, but at the same time plans to keep Ukraine’s status as a gas transit […]

Merkel wants to negotiate with the Taliban on the continuation of the evacuation

Angela Merkel will take on Afghanistan? The Chancellor called it a good sign that the Kabul airport is again available for flights since yesterday. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it was necessary to agree with the Taliban on the resumption of the evacuation from Afghanistan, Reuters reported. “We need to talk to the Taliban about […]

“It could have happened to anyone”

AThe day after there is tortellini from the Tupperware jar. The 26-year-old material science student has brought his lunch from home; his fellow student, who is sitting next to him on the concrete wall in the sun, has bought a kebab at the Turkish snack bar. Just as the management of the TU Darmstadt recommended: […]