Celine Dion’s health worries Valérie Lemercier

The French actress, who played a fictional double of the Quebec diva in Aline, says she is concerned about repeated cancellations of concerts. Very convincing Valérie Lemercier in the role of a fictional double of Celine Dion in Aline, – a film she also directed – no longer hides her concern at the apparent fragility […]

Film “Aline” in the cinema since yesterday

“Aline” has been in the cinema since Thursday. The screenplay for the film was written by Valérie Lemercier, who also plays the lead role. Filmmaker and actress Valérie Lemercier – AFP / Archive Ad the essentials in brief Valérie Lemercier is a screenwriter and an important character in her film “Aline”. Since yesterday the comedy […]

Céline Dion is sick and cancels the concerts: the words of her sister

“I have a broken heart”. These are the few words with which Celine Dion wanted to announce the cancellation of his concerts a Las Vegas, a choice due to her suboptimal health conditions that forced her to make this decision. The thought immediately went to her audience, the one who has never disappointed and who […]

Unexplained muscle cramps put an end to comeback Céli…

©  ISOPIX It would be her big comeback in her Las Vegas, but this week Céline Dion had to announce, much to her regret, that the concerts in the city where she earned hundreds of millions, is canceled after all. Unexplained spasms prevent the 53-year-old singer from rehearsing. And the consequences for the rest of […]