“Putin has blood cancer”, assures a Russian oligarch in a secret recording

In an eleven-minute recording, a Russian oligarch closely linked to the Kremlin confided that Vladimir Putin was “very sick with blood cancer”. The billionaire businessman, whose anonymity has been preserved for security reasons, is one of the 200 largest fortunes in the country. According to New Lines Magazine, which had access to the recording, he […]

The Association Against Cancer in Segovia seeks to involve society

One of the tables installed by the AECC in Segovia. / Oscar Costa The traditional collection, with 22 tables spread throughout the city, raises funds for cancer research With 22 tables, as before the pandemic, distributed throughout different parts of the city, the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) yesterday launched its traditional collection in Segovia […]

Pohl Pohl’s wife Zdeněk: Suicidal thoughts

Zdeňka Pohlreichová (49) is a woman who will definitely not break anything. She celebrated her victory over the insidious disease, which also had no good prospects, by taking care of her soul. For eight years she has been engaged in esotericism and spirituality, which have returned her life force in its purest form. However, she […]

Smoking Worsens Prognosis For Men With Prostate Cancer: Study

MADRID (EUROPA PRESS).- Smokers have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer, but a higher risk of dying from the disease, according to a large population study led by the University of Lund (Sweden). In their work, published in the scientific journal ‘European Urology.’, the researchers followed more than 350,000 people for several decades to […]

6 Foods That Slow Prostate Cancer Growth

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A number of food known to slow growth prostate cancer. Here’s a full explanation. Prostate cancer is one type of cancer who attacks men. The American Cancer Society notes that 1 in 8 men is diagnosed with prostate cancer. This type of cancer attacks the prostate gland which is generally characterized […]