The star has died. Narrator: Marie Durnová († 78) succumbed to cancer

The sad news reached the prince of black and white Cinderella just a week before the eighties. “Our son Jirka called me on Sunday. I knew from him what Mary was going through. And somehow I believed it wouldn’t hit me, we haven’t been together for so long, “he told the newspaper Aha! actor and […]

Breast cancer, early stage diagnosis remains a challenge

Breast cancer is one of the most recurrent types of carcinoma in the female population, both in developed and underdeveloped countries. Analyzing the global panorama of the disease, cases of breast cancer continue to increase, which is why public and private entities insist that early detection and diagnosis are key to increasing the prognosis of […]

In search of an effective vaccine against cancer, by Elmer Huerta | mRNA | TECHNOLOGY

And review article, published on April 7, 2022 in the journal “Naturedescribes the efforts of science to develop a vaccine against cancer. Today we will make a summary. Although there are already vaccines that can prevent cancer indirectly –against hepatitis B virus (HBV) and human papillomavirus (HPV)–, science has not yet developed vaccines that can […]

5 Characteristics of Colon Cancer that Need to be Watched and Prevented

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Colon cancer is one type of cancer the most common in Indonesia and the world. However, the characteristics of bowel cancer that are not detected make cancer that attacks digestive system This is often not realized by the sufferer and is only known when it has entered the final stage. Whereas […]

Diether Lambrechts receives 2.5 million for cancer research

Diether Lambrechts grew up in Diepenbeek and attended Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege in Genk before studying bioengineering at KU Leuven. — ©  Guy Puttemans Leuven – The Limburg top scientist Diether Lambrechts (45) will receive a prestigious European subsidy of 2.5 million euros. This ERC Advanced Grant should give an extra boost to his groundbreaking research into […]

Primary speeds up screening to detect breast cancer

The Burgos Primary Care Mammography Unit has modified the protocol for detecting breast cancer in order to make it more agile. Once the patients undergo the control mammography (which is convened by letter to all women over 45 years of age), two possibilities open up: that the results are normal, in which case it is […]

There are six cases of breast cancer in Coahuila men

In most cases, surgery is performed to remove the tumor. (COURTESY) The federal Secretary of Health reports a total of six cases of breast cancer in men, from January to the first week of this month of May. Although malignant tumors are more common in women, men can also develop them. As in the case […]

Ed Sheeran paid for Tom Parker’s cancer treatment (The Wanted)

In his posthumously published memoir, The Wanted singer Tom Parker revealed that Ed Sheeran had paid the bills related to his brain cancer treatment. In his memoir, “Hope,” which will be published on May 26, Tom Parker revealed how Ed Sheeran supported him and his family during his illness. A battle against cancer that the […]

Attendance at AECC workshops rises 60% in Miranda

Participation in the activities organized by the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Miranda continues to grow. Every year since 2019, they have improved their records and this year they are on track to do it again. In just five months of 2022 they have already brought together more than seventy people in their workshops. In […]