6 Foods That Slow Prostate Cancer Growth

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A number of food known to slow growth prostate cancer. Here’s a full explanation. Prostate cancer is one type of cancer who attacks men. The American Cancer Society notes that 1 in 8 men is diagnosed with prostate cancer. This type of cancer attacks the prostate gland which is generally characterized […]

More than 70% of ovarian cancer cases are detected at an advanced stage.

More than 70 percent of ovarian cancer cases are detected at an advanced stage, which causes a high mortality rate, which is why specialists recommend annual gynecological check-ups and evaluating genetic predisposition to anticipate them. According to the American Cancer Society, in fact, only 20 to 30 percent of ovarian cancer cases worldwide are detected […]

Duque visited the Cancer Research and Treatment Center | Government | Economy

President Ivan Duke and the Minister of Health Ferdinand Ruiztoured this Friday, in the company of the businessman Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulothe Center for Cancer Treatment and Research, a place that seeks to become a world leader in care against this disease. (The advances that cancer treatments have had). “We highlight the contribution to health […]

Arequipa: Promote Improved Access to Care for Cancer Patients | News

08:30 | Arequipa, may. 4. With the aim of improving access to care for cancer patients in Arequipa, representatives of public and private entities in the locality signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) promoted by City Cancer Challenge (C/Can), an international association that supports the implementation of collective solutions against this disease. The Memorandum establishes […]

Yeast infections kill more people than breast cancer

When a person receives treatment for cancer, your immune system is compromised and as a result your body is less able to defend itself against infection. This leaves them exposed to infections that in a healthy individual would be merely serious but in the immunocompromised. they become deadly. Related news Doctors are now warning the […]