BMW creates the world’s first car that changes color – the Photo

The world’s first color-changing car is unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It was created by the German car giant BMW. Named the BMW iX Flow, the concept car uses E Ink technology to create a smooth color change that completely transforms the exterior of the vehicle in a variety of […]

The Ministry of Interior of Kazakhstan reports the restoration of control in Almaty

“According to the situation at the hour, the city administration, the presidential residence, the Republic Square have been vacated. The buildings of all state structures are under control,” reports the TV channel “Habar 24”, referring to the Interior Ministry. A spokesman for the city commander had previously reported dramatic events at the Almali district police […]

What kind of insurance is necessary for consumers?

0 comments German citizens spend an average of 2,000 euros a year on insurance. Nevertheless, studies show that not all citizens are adequately protected against dangers. It is important that the insurance cover is checked regularly. Life situations change regularly and insurance policies have to be adjusted accordingly. Back to the statutory health insurance deals […]

US stock market sentiment continues to deteriorate

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – The mood on New York’s Wall Street has visibly clouded over after the strong start to the year. Details from the central bank minutes had already resulted in a weak close of trading on Wednesday evening. This Thursday announced the Dow Jones Industrial and the S&P 500 further down. The technology-heavy […]

LP concert “Arena Riga” postponed to September

The L Tips Agency says that due to the spread of Covid-19, concerts of this scale will not be allowed to take place in February, while the predictions of the world’s leading epidemiologists suggest that the pandemic will finally be over by the autumn. The whole planned LP European concert tour will be moved to […]

3053 new cases of Covid-19 were registered in Lithuania; 13 patients died

18,628 analyzes were performed last day and the proportion of positive tests was 16.4%. A total of 6,994,029 analyzes were performed in Lithuania. Since the start of the pandemic, 532,807 people in the country have been diagnosed with coronavirus infection. A total of 7,493 people died in Lithuania with Covid-19. As Covid-19, patients are transported […]