Customs – Bremen – Bremer celebrate Easter service for refugee Ukrainians – culture

Home Culture Bremen Customs – Bremen:Bremen celebrate Easter service for refugee Ukrainians Apr 25, 2022 2:03 p.m Directly from the dpa news channel Bremen (dpa/lni) – With an ecumenical service for Orthodox Easter, church representatives gave refugees from Ukraine a sense of home on Monday in Bremen. “Especially in view of the terrible war, it […]

Refugees travel for free on buses and trains

In Bremen, people who have fled Ukraine are allowed to use public transport for free. Bremen thus joins several German federal states. Refugees from the Ukraine can use regional trains and many buses in Lower Saxony free of charge. This was announced by several transport companies on Wednesday. Your passport or another Ukrainian identity document […]

Pro-Russian motorcade registered in Bremen

Russia-friendly demonstrators want to stage a motorcade in Bremen on May 8th. The rally should include 30 to 40 vehicles and start around noon, the interior authority announced on Thursday. According to the title, a private individual had registered the parade with the regulatory office as a “peace demo” aimed “against violations of the people, […]

Lower Saxony & Bremen: FDP wants to vote with Schäck as the top candidate

Lower Saxony & Bremen FDP wants to use Schäck as the top candidate 4/9/2022, 4:03 p.m Bremen (dpa / lni) – About a year before the next state elections in Bremen, the FDP re-elected its state chairman Thore Schäck at a party conference. He should also run for the Liberals as the top candidate in […]

Warning strikes started at daycare centers in Lower Saxony and Bremen

The word “emergency care” is no longer a foreign word for parents in Lower Saxony and Bremen since the corona pandemic. Now the daycare centers are closed for another reason: the employees are on strike. The Verdi union has started warning strikes at municipal daycare centers in Lower Saxony and Bremen. In the two federal […]

Lower Saxony & Bremen: Dead pair of storks found

Lower Saxony & Bremen Dead pair of storks found 04/05/2022, 18:01 Brake (dpa / lni) – In a settlement in Oberhammelwarden (Wesermarsch district), a dead pair of storks was found under their nest. The cause of the death of the animals is still unclear, said Udo Hilfers from the Wesermarsch stork station on Tuesday on […]

Lower Saxony & Bremen: wood transporter overturns on Autobahn 27

Lower Saxony & Bremen Timber truck overturns on Autobahn 27 4/4/2022 4:26 p.m Verden (dpa / lni) – A 40-ton truck with wood overturned on Autobahn 27. The 34-year-old driver lost control of the vehicle between the Walsrode-West and Verden-Ost junctions in the direction of Bremer Kreuz for unknown reasons, the Verden/Osterholz police said on […]