Corona vaccines: In search of the miracle weapon against Corona – Health

With every new corona mutant, the question arises as to how well the vaccines still work. Will there soon be a vaccine that protects against current and future variants at the same time? The available vaccines against Sars-CoV-2 have made a decisive contribution to taking the fear out of the pandemic. In fact. Because with […]

Microplastics found in human blood – Health

Plastic gets into human blood. A team of researchers has now demonstrated this for the first time. The group led by chemist Marja Lamoree from the Free University of Amsterdam found plastic residues in 17 of 22 blood samples from volunteers, like they did in the journal Environment International reported. Whether this has consequences for […]

New York: Emigrants at the regulars’ table since 1943 | SA | 26 03 2022 | 9:05

March 26, 2022 at 9:05 am Download broadcast yet 30 load days “I really wanted to save the regulars’ table and I still do,” Trudy tells Jeremias in her cozy apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The regulars’ table, to which the 95-year-old invites people every Wednesday, has existed since 1943. It was founded by […]

Biowetter Offenbach am Main today: How the current weather affects your health

Offenbach am Main organic weather and pollen count forecast at a glance: You can read the current weather forecast for the Offenbach am Main region and how the weather with allergies or weather sensitivity can affect your health today and tomorrow here on Weather Forecast: It will be sunny. (icon picture) Image: Adobe Stock […]

We have microplastics in our blood – and 5 g per week in our stomach and intestines

How dangerous are plastic baby bottles or other microparticles? A new study has detected microplastics in human blood for the first time. According to the Study by the Free University of Amsterdam apparently plastic in the blood. The study was the first evidence that plastic particles can enter the human bloodstream. Earlier evidence of this […]