Stroll with distance and mask

Berlin / Frankfurt / Cologne / Kaiserslautern (dpa) – mulled wine, almonds, handicrafts – but not for all: On the Monday after the Sunday of the Dead, many Christmas markets in Germany began with controls or mask requirements. In parts of the republic, however, the markets remained completely closed on the traditional opening day. The […]

Shots in mall in Idaho

Boise (AP) – At least two people were shot in a shopping mall in the US state of Idaho. At least four other people were injured in the incident in Boise City, including a police officer, a police press conference said. The suspect is in police custody. “At this point in time we are assuming […]

Berchtesgaden: Bavaria has left the national park

“In the past few weeks we have had to answer joking questions from vulture fans more and more often as to whether we would feed Wally and Bavaria too well,” reports Toni Wegscheider with a smile. The fact that both vultures stayed for more than three months in the wider area of ​​the reintroduction niche […]

Music on, tap on

Schoenau upon Kings sea – For 38 years, Pit Kurz has been running the only disco in Berchtesgaden with cult status – the Kaserbar at Königssee. On Friday, after a year and a half, it was allowed to reopen, despite all the rumors about a possible business closure. “People are really excited to finally go […]

Active for children in Namibia

Piding – “What is it actually like outside the box?” – this question was asked by nine people in their early twenties when they founded the association “Conambiki” for children in Namibia between the corona lockdowns on July 9th. And with this open question, they want to give food for thought with a lecture on […]

Claudia Roth is a fan of Wally and Bavaria

Ramsau – The Vice President of the Bundestag Claudia Roth was a guest in Berchtesgadener Land. Together with local politicians from the Greens and interested parties, she found out about the bearded vulture project in the national park in Klausbachtal. Wally and Bavaria, Toni or Claudia? After the walk in the Berchtesgaden National Park, many […]

Blood is urgently needed – new dates for blood donors in Berchtesgaden

Andreas Seidler and his volunteer team from the BRK readiness in Berchtesgaden, who look after the visitors in a tried and tested manner, are hoping for a large number of donors again, as they did in previous blood donation campaigns. “First-time donors are of course always welcome and particularly important,” says Seidler. “Bring your blood […]

Children are said to be seriously ill

Berchtesgadener Land – Your children were seriously ill – up to and including cancer. The costs for treatments and medication have added up over the years. But all of that was drowned out and lies. With fake doctor and hospital bills, the 54-year-old secretary from the district of Berchtesgadener Land scampered a total of 66,000 […]

Number of dead rises to nine

Miami (AP) – After the partial collapse of a twelve-story residential building in the US state of Florida, more fatalities were found in the rubble. display The number of deaths had risen to nine, said the mayor of the Miami-Dade district, Daniella Levine Cava, on Sunday at the accident site in Surfside near Miami. Four […]

70 percent vaccinated in New York

New York (AP) – After more than 70 percent of adults in the US state of New York received at least one dose of vaccine against the corona virus, Governor Andrew Cuomo lifted all remaining restrictions. display “Today is an important day,” Cuomo said at a press conference. “We can now return to what we […]