6 Facts about Motorcyclists Attacking Cars at JLNT Casablanca Becomes Suspects

Jakarta – Seven motorbike riders arrested in the aftermath of the beating in Non-Toll Flyover (JLNT) Casablanca, South Jakarta. Two of them were named suspects because they were proven to have beaten. Here are the facts that we summarized as a result of a motorist ganging up on a car driver at JLNT Casablanca: Two […]

Car gangs at JLNT Casablanca make 7 motorbikes shaken

Jakarta – Police continue to hunt down a group of motorcyclists suspected of assaulting car drivers in Jakarta JLNT Casablanca, South Jakarta. So far, the police have arrested seven perpetrators. “Seven people have been detained at the crime scene at the time,” said South Jakarta Police Criminal Investigation Unit AKBP Ridwan Soplanit when contacted, Sunday […]

Police bag identity of Ojol driver suspected of assaulting car in Medan

Medan – Police looking for driver online motorcycle taxi (shock) who allegedly committed beating to car drivers on the streets of Medan. Police say they have the identity of the perpetrator. “The identity of the perpetrator has been obtained,” said Kasatreskrim Polrestabes Medan Kompol Muhammad Firdaus when confirmed, Sunday (27/3/2022). Firdaus said the pursuit of […]

The story of 2 battered men shouted at by thieves ended in mediation

Jakarta – Unlucky fate befell two men from Sukabumi, West Java, the initials I and N. They were beaten badly after being shouted at paint by residents in Klapanunggal, Bogor Regency. “There were people asking for addresses and parents. Because there was panic from those who were asked, the thieves shouted. They were immediately attacked […]

Police Arrest Perpetrator of Beating KNPI Chairman Haris Pertama

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Police arrest perpetrator beating against the General Chairperson of the Indonesian Youth National Committee DPP (KNPI) First Line. Haris was the victim of a beating by an unknown number of people in the parking lot of a restaurant in Cikini, Central Jakarta, Monday (21/2) yesterday. “That’s right,” said the Head of […]

Police Reveal Chronology of Haris First Attacked by OTK in Central Jakarta

Jakarta – Chairman of the DPP KNPI Haris Pertama admit to having was beaten by a number of unknown people in the parking lot of Garuda Restaurant, Cikini, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Haris Pertama has reported this case to Polda Metro Jaya. “That’s right, we have received a report from the victim on behalf of Haris […]

Dandy’s most loyal comrade sank to the ground after the brutal beating

The faithful companion of the secular lion Lyubomir Milchev-Dandy, who was brutally beaten days ago in the capitalhas mysteriously disappeared. There is no trace of the dog Hini, it is clear from a post on the social network. An acquaintance of the writer shared a post on the Internet, with which she is looking for […]

The Last Poetry of ABG Looking for a Cat Who Was Murdered in Bekasi

Jakarta – ABG with the initials LEH (16) was beaten to death because the thief shouted at him while looking for a cat in Tarumajaya, Bekasi Regency. LEH’s father, Abdul Hafyiz, revealed that his son’s hobby is writing poetry and has won competitions. “From junior high school, he was active in the organization, he was […]