Boston Celtics lead 3-2 in Eastern Final after erratic Game 5

An erratic Game 5 was the one offered in the Eastern Conference Final by the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat in which at the end of the four periods the visitor was favored to win 93-80 and go ahead 3-2 in the series to the best of seven. Coach Ime Udoka and Erik Spoelstra’s […]

Car News: What’s the latest Toyota C-HR GR Sport?

It only outperforms the 2020 modernization in color alone. The purple amethyst tone is the same novelty as the two-color body with a black or silver roof, and somewhere at the bottom of the poster there will probably be a previously unseen black 18-inch disc. “Sports seats and steering wheel plus black ceilings are cool. […]

Car news: what a Porsche Taycan can do

“The first time I drove a Taycan, I had my mouth open for everything and how the car does. We are now accustomed to the fact of its existence. However, a constant sense of power is here. And it doesn’t matter if it’s 500 or 600 hp, there are some 530, but it’s clear that […]

The West is not united in Ukraine’s support case, Zelensky said

“Unity is about weapons. I have a question – is there unity in practice? I don’t see it. We would be very superior to Russia if we were truly united,” the president said in a video discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Ukraine. Ukraine is grateful for the support of US President […]

THE BALL – Palhinha and Matheus Nunes at the exit door (Sporting)

They are two of the most coveted players in the Sporting squad and both will be able to come out on the summer market. Matheus Nunes and João Palhinha have already seen their names associated with several clubs and, according to our newspaper, there have been conversations with the leonine officials about both players, but […]

Almond, oatmeal, soy, cow? Which milk is best for your health?

Which milk is better? Nowadays, it is a wonderful opportunity to diversify your menu with the products you want. Dairy products are no exception. We can choose cow’s milk, goat’s milk and other animal’s milk products, as well as choose an alternative derived from plant products. “One of the reasons I like herbal drinks is […]

PHOTO: People Gather at Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets Concert by Pink Floyd Drummer

Mason is one of the founders of the most commercially successful and influential rock band “Pink Floyd”. He has also co-authored many of the band’s legendary songs “Time”, “One Of These Days”, “Careful With That Ax”, “Eugene” and “Echoes”. In 2018, Mason formed the group “Nick Mason“Saucerful Of Secrets” with guitarist Lee Harris. They were […]