Jimmy Butler, NBA stats as Miami Heat leader

Perhaps years ago most analysts and fans did not expect that Jimmy Butler it was going to achieve the status it currently has, in every way. This countercultural basketball player, with his favorite game in the middle post, in tactics, is a tremendous defender and does not temporize forces behind and in music, he is […]

Keys seventh Phoenix Suns Dallas Mavericks playoffs NBA 2022

The moment of truth has arrived, the moment when the line that separates success from failure is as fine as it is dramatic. Phoenix Suns will have to resort to all his arsenal to impose the condition of favorite that he earned through the regular season, against some Dallas Mavericks full of potential and who […]

NBA Rumors: Julius Randle Trade Options

Something has broken in the relationship between the New York Knicks and Julius Randle. What a year ago was considered an unbeatable idyll with a long-term vision, now becomes an uncomfortable relationship for both parties, with neither openly seeking a way out, but knowing that they would be happy to separate their paths, according to […]

Kevin Durant, disaster and helplessness against Boston Celtics playoffs

Not even in his worst nightmares would he have imagined Kevin Durant see yourself in a situation like the one you are currently in. Not only Brooklyn Nets has lost the first three games of its series of playoffs NBA 2022 ante Boston Celticsbut he is being absolutely singled out for his flagrant inability to […]

Phoenix Suns, first team qualified for the playoffs

Victoria de Phoenix Suns on the pitch Miami Heat 90-111 to certify their place in the playoffs. Arizona’s team is the best by far this year in the regular season. He currently accumulates 53 wins and 13 losses. They are 8.5 games ahead of the Memphis Grizzlies, currently second in the Western Conference. Yesterday, against […]

James Harden: “I wanted to be surrounded by guys who want to win”

James Harden has landed on Philadelphia 76ers with only one goal: to win the championship. La Barba has spoken to the press since his notorious transfer of the last market closure and has wanted to make it very clear that she comes to accompany Joel Embiid to get the first Pennsylvania title in forty years: […]

The 65 players who could be transferred in the NBA market

The next February 10 closes the NBA market and no more transfers can be made between teams. Just a few days before the appointed date arrives, there are many rumores NBA that include a multitude of teams and players. In recent weeks we have not stopped writing about Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers who […]

NBA Market: Boston Celtics plans to improve in 2022

Despite the many rumores NBA that there has been about the suitability or not of the Tatum-Brown duo continuing, it seems that the Boston Celtics have it clear; They have to continue betting on these two young people full of talent and potential who are condemned to understand each other. But nevertheless, Brad Stevens works […]