Bulgarian woman banned from entering Russia

Margarita Assenova Margarita Assenova, who has lived in the United States for years and was a freelance correspondent for Radio Free Europe for Plovdiv and the region in the 1990s, was banned from visiting Russia. She is a native of Kardzhali, but spent a lot of time in the second Bulgarian city before settling in […]

The G-7 has decided to stop Russian oil, but it is unknown when

US President Joe Biden PHOTO: Reuters They are committed to doing so “in a timely and organized manner” The Group of Seven (G-7) has pledged to ban or phase out Russian oil imports, and the United States has imposed sanctions on leaders of Gazprombank and other companies to punish Moscow for its war against Ukraine. […]

Government Bans Cooking Oil Exports Starting April 28

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – President Joko Widodo announced ban raw material export cooking oil and oil goreng. ban it starts on April 28, 2022 until a deadline to be determined later. “Today I have chaired a meeting on meeting the people’s basic needs, especially those related to the availability of cooking oil in the country,” Jokowi […]

Paramount channels were turned off in Russia

Photo: pixabay.com Paramount channels were turned off in Russia For Russians, such popular TV channels as Nickelodeon, MTV Russia and MTV Live HD and the humorous Paramount Comedy became inaccessible. The American film company Paramount has stopped broadcasting its TV channels in Russia since April 20. The decision was made because of the war unleashed […]

Canada shocked all foreigners with this decision

The government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that it will ban foreign investors from buying housing in Canada for two years in an attempt to calm the housing market. Finance Minister Christia Freeland has taken a number of measures to curb speculation and demand amid record housing prices when announcing the federal budget […]

World of Tanks developer leaves Russia and Belarus

Photo: wikipedia.org/Screenshot from the alpha version of World of Tanks World of Tanks developer leaves Russia and Belarus During the transition period, only active products will remain available to Russians and Belarusians, which will be managed by the new owner. The Belarusian game developer company Wargaming, popular with the World of Tanks series of games, […]