Current petrol prices in Offenbach am Main: HERE is the cheapest fuel

Profitank Senefelder Str. 170, 63069 Offenbach 2,099 Euro 2,039 Euro 1,929 Euro JET Bieberer Str. 255, 63071 Offenbach 2,119 Euro 2,059 Euro 1,949 Euro T Aschaffenburger Strasse 96, 63073 Offenbach 2,119 Euro 2,059 Euro 1,949 Euro Hessol Mühlheimer Straße 111-115, 63075 Offenbach 2,119 Euro 2,059 Euro 1,949 Euro Tankstation Offenbach CALPAM Waldstr 268, 63071 Offenbach […]

THE BALL – Marco Silva can face Benfica in pre-season (Benfica)

Fulham, coached by Marco Silva, guaranteed their return to the Premier League in a superior way in the Championship and will prepare the coexistence between the greats of English football with a pre-season internship in the Algarve. Moreover, the English club informs that it will participate in a tournament in Faro, on the 16th and […]

THE BALL – Messi tired of Laporta’s statements (Barcelona)

Lionel Messi (PSG) is tired that Barcelona president Joan Laporta continues to talk about him when he has already been asked to stop. According to El Larguero, the Argentine goalscorer’s father spoke with Barça’s top manager a few months ago and everything will have gone well. The problem is that Laporta spoke again about Messi […]

Edmonton advance to Western Conference Finals

The Oilers, winners of their series against the Flames (4-1), qualified for the Western Conference final of the NHL play-offs on Thursday, Carolina taking an option for the Eastern Conference against New York (3- 2). Edmonton won in Calgary (5-4) after extra time, after being led 2-0, then 4-3. Connor McDavid scored the liberating goal […]

Car news: what are electric bikes?

“First of all, it can be said that electric bicycles are so unknown to us. People in Europe and elsewhere are increasingly choosing electric bicycles, ”says Juris Mikulens, head of the Fans Prosport bicycle division. Electric bicycles are advanced and comfortable. They are much easier to drive. “E-bike will help you cover the same distance […]