Be careful of the Hendra virus, these are the symptoms and ways to prevent transmission – A collaborative research in Australia find new variant Hendra viruswhich was first discovered in 1994. The study was conducted after the death of a horse that was suspected of being infected Hendra virus. Initially the horse was negative when tested for Hendra virus but positive when using the test for variance Hendra virus […]

Draw for the Women’s World Cup 2023 will be on October 22

Friday May 13, 2022 Ethe draw for the Women’s Soccer World Cup 2023whose headquarters will share Australia y New Zealandwill be carried out October 22 in Auckland. The draw will determine the groups of the first phase of the maximum women’s soccer event, which was extended to 32 selections. SEE ALSO: Consult all the information […]

a minister denounces the “aggressive” trajectory of a Chinese spy ship

The Australian Minister of Defense denounced Friday, May 13 the trajectory “agressivefrom a Chinese spy ship on the west coast of the country, displaying a tough stance against the opposition ahead of the elections. Read alsoHave Russia and China really made a “pact”? Minister Peter Dutton has repeatedly urged Australian voters not to trust the […]

The corals are fading. The Great Barrier Reef has been hit hard by climate change

Coral reefs are one of the most vibrant marine ecosystems on Earth. A quarter to a third of all submarine species depend on them. However, global warming caused by human activity is disrupting their functioning. Rising water temperatures mean that corals are increasingly faced with stressful situations that threaten their existence. These include the so-called […]

direct flights from Sydney to London and New York by the end of 2025

AFP, published on Monday, May 02, 2022 at 12:57 p.m. Australian airline Qantas announced on Monday that it will launch the world’s first commercial non-stop flights linking Sydney with London and New York by the end of 2025, awarding Airbus a multi-billion dollar order. It will purchase 12 Airbus A350-1000s to operate Project Sunrise flights […]

Australian airline to offer first non-stop London-Sydney flights

Australian airline Qantas will fly non-stop from Sydney to New York and London. This was announced this Monday by the company, which will begin to provide service on these routes at the end of 2025. With durations that can reach up to 20 hours, they will be among the longest journeys in the world. The […]

One step closer to “the Holy Grail”

The Australian airline Qantas Airways is expected to announce a huge agreement with the aircraft manufacturer Airbus for A350-1000 aircraft that will be able to fly uninterrupted between Sydney and London, reports Reuters and refers to sources in the industry. The deal will be worth billions of dollars. It is expected to be unveiled from […]