How to send WhatsApp audios with the voice of Homer Simpson and Mariano Closs

Artificial intelligence is advancing at unsuspected steps. The new technological gadget now allows you to write a text and have it reproduced with the voice of celebrities. El Chavo del Ocho, Mariano Closs or Homero Simpson are some of the voices that can be used in Fake Youa free website that allows a feature to […]

The novelty of WhatsApp: you can listen to the audios without having the chat open

The WhatsApp emoticon on a mobile screen. / AFP The mobile messaging application brings changes in voice messages WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging application on the planet, continues to add new features to its platform. Now it is the turn of the famous WhatsApp audios. Surely the face of that friend who, more than […]

The gift that triumphs among the children of the famous

G.C. Updated:01/04/2022 13:59h Keep After the difficult times that the coronavirus pandemic has brought, it is important to live these dates with even greater enthusiasm than other years. It is time for reunions, to share afternoons with the family by the warmth of a fireplace or around a table, to bake cookies, take long walks […]

Solidarity rowing strokes to fight against breast cancer

Dénia hosts on Sunday a challenge organized by the Club de Rem Marina de Dénia in collaboration with the federation, to raise public awareness and raise funds for the fight against the disease The most supportive rowing meets next Sunday in Dénia with the I Challenge 100 Solidarity Shovels SUMA 2021 organized by the Club […]

An emigrant in Tomelloso

Tell yourself what happened, tell yourself what happened that, by chance, I met the neighbor of the plot, Marcelo, a farmer, already advanced in age. He told me to go into the field to see what I thought of the state of the corn. There we were, and once inside the cornfield, I was able […]

They discover the first flamenco of WhatsApp in an Egyptian site

JR CARRALERO AND J. LÓPEZ. Humor series RIGOR MORTIS. Clapping and tapping would have been used to wake the mummies The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities surprised last April with the discovery of “the largest city ever found in Egypt” of some 3,000 years old. But he was even more surprising today when he announced that […]

The new WhatsApp feature for those who hate listening to voice messages

In today’s society there are various types of people. On the one hand, there are those who prefer to send text messages. For other, those who prefer voice messages. There are also those who prefer not to wait for an answer and opt for quick and efficient calls. If you are one of those people […]

A WhatsApp trick that maybe you did not know – Technology and Science

Surely at some point it happened to you that they send you a WhatsApp message or audio and you don’t want the other person to know that you heard it. Don’t worry because there are different ways to solve it and here are some tips: 1- Copy and forward the audio: Find that contact that […]