Cancer and pollution, a Witness report

Ehe prestigious cancer research center Léon Bérard, in the French city of Lyon, has launched a field study to better understand the possible links between air pollution and different types of cancer. A young team of French and Italian researchers has compared the exposure to pollution linked to different modes of transport, such as the […]

Electric cars: which insurance to choose?

After a tentative start, the electric automobile sector has been booming in recent months. The reason ? Attractive purchase premiums and the desire to move towards a more environmentally friendly solution. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Electric car versus thermal car: the point in 5 preconceived ideas From 2035, the sale of diesel […]

a group of experts takes stock

Oxidative stress, disruption of circadian rhythms, increased inflammation are all factors that promote cardiovascular disease. A group of German researchers reports on the relationship between the environment and these biological disturbances. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] How to prevent a stroke? Each year in France, around 150,000 people are victims of a cerebrovascular […]