US to declare diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics – media / GORDON

It is noted that neither President Joe Biden nor other US government officials will attend the Olympics in China. The diplomatic boycott of the Games is introduced in order to respond to human rights violations by the Chinese authorities, but without prejudice to US athletes. Biden is expected to approve the decision to boycott the […]

Karina Galicia, knows her music to cure anxiety.

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 22.09.2021 17:09:45 Another girl singing? Yes. Karina Galicia sings and does it from the purest feeling, from the most sincere emotions that she and that anyone could experience in life and that is either of love, empowerment or an anxiety attack, his songs transmit calm and fill with peace. ​She […]

Taliban seized Pentagon planes and missiles – media

Photo: Getty US military in Afghanistan The seizure of even a small number of weapons is of concern to the leadership of the United States. The Taliban terrorist movement has seized a small number of US aircraft, military helicopters and anti-tank missiles, sources told Al-Arabiya TV. As the interlocutors of the channel noted, the seizure […]

Smoke from fires reached the North Pole (Overview)

The smoke from Siberia has traveled over 3,000 km The Greeks are jumping against the authorities – they are not responding adequately to the disaster Prime Minister Mitsotakis apologized, giving 500m in aid to those affected by the blaze Heavy heat in Italy, alarm in Rome and 7 other cities Forest fires in Siberia are […]

I don’t understand at all what kind of opposition politicians we are talking about / GORDON

Putin, commenting on the arrest of the People’s Deputy from the “Opposition Platform – For Life” Viktor Medvedchuk, said that the Ukrainian authorities are thus carrying out “an obvious clean-up of the country’s political field”, including by closing the media. Danilov noted that the NSDC is familiar with Putin’s speech during his meeting with permanent […]

Air raid sirens sound again in Israel

Photo: The aggravation in Israel continues The alarm was announced in the cities of Ashkelon and Ashdod in the south of the country. Before that, Israel was fired upon from the territory of Lebanon. In the major Israeli cities of Ashkelon and Ashdod on Thursday evening, May 13, sirens went off again, warning residents […]

What’s happening with Ivana PHOTO

The people’s favorite singer Ivana continues to surprise with metamorphoses in her appearance, but this time she worried her fans. For Easter, the star shared her photo with a wish for the holiday, but in it Ivana looks visibly old and withered. It’s not just the wrinkles around her eyes that make an impression, but […]

“We feel cheated by the promoter”

On April 9, the Madrid City Council could seal the new block of protected housing of Mario Moreno Cantinflas, 35. And, as confirmed by the Urban Planning area to 20minutos, this promotion of El Cañaveral does not have the first occupation license –What is now known as the Responsible Declaration–. It’s a must-have that the […]