Co-pilot not fully trained: Plane to New York turns around

A plane bound for New York was forced to return to London mid-flight after the co-pilot was found to be improperly trained. Virgin Atlantic’s Airbus A330 was on a flight to JFK Airport on Monday May 2nd. After about 40 minutes it was discovered that the first officer (also co-pilot) had not yet completed his […]

Chinese warplanes entered the air defense zone of Taiwan – World –

On May 6, China launched 18 of its aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense zone. The Taiwan Air Force took to the air for protection. Taiwan has repeatedly complained about the violation of its space by Chinese aircraft. About it writes Alarabiya News, citing the Taiwan Ministry of Defense. Also read Note that the Chinese planes […]

The terrible plane crash is still a mystery. It was mafia sabotage, survivors say

Investigators pleaded guilty to the disaster with pilots who allegedly disobeyed air traffic control instructions. Nevertheless, doubts about the tragedy of the Alitalia AZ 112 flight, which fell in the Montagna Long mountains and killed all 115 passengers and crew, soon began to raise doubts. And they haven’t disappeared to this day. They came to […]

From London to New York: plane has to turn around

RTL>news> Vacationers on a flight from London to New York had to endure a three-hour delay – because the wrong first officer was sitting in the cockpit of the machine. The man hadn’t even finished his training. When the pilot of the plane found out, he immediately turned back. First Officers usually qualified pilots First […]

Olaf Scholz’s plane was returning from Japan via the North Pole – World –

The government Airbus A350, which the German Chancellor was returning from a working trip to Japan, circled the airspace of the Russian Federation. The plane of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz crossed the North Pole on its return from Japan. Thus, the government airliner bypassed the airspace of Russia. About it informs Spiegel. From Tokyo to […]

The government Falcon with strange maneuvers over Varna PHOTO

The plane of the Bulgarian government, with which our delegation is expected to fly to Ukraine tomorrow, made strange training flights in the sky over Varna. He took off from the local airport at 10:17 on Tuesday, but had not set a final destination, writes Flagman bg. For the next almost three hours, the machine […]

high prices do not deter demand for airline tickets

Sales of plane tickets, after a soft spot linked to the Omicron variant at the start of the year, rebounded strongly despite high prices and American companies hope to return frankly to the green despite the rise in the cost of kerosene. Read alsoThe price of plane tickets between mainland France and the Overseas territories […]