Sergio Rondina anticipated when he will stop being Arsenal manager

Arsenal’s technical director, Sergio Rondina, anticipated today that “it will be four years” that he is at the club and that, therefore, “he needs a break” when his contract “ends in December” next. “I end my contract in December and we understand that it will be four years at the club. One never says never, […]

Coronavirus Euskadi: Sagardui proposes to advance the vaccination of young people to avoid situations such as the macro outbreak in Mallorca

The relaxation of restrictions triggers infections, especially in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, with 303 new cases being detected in a single day The Basque Government requested this Wednesday Interterritorial Health Council, where the health ministries of the different autonomies are represented, the possibility of advancing the vaccination of the youngest in order to put a stop […]

Avans employee Margreet is a sign dancer at the Eurovision Song Contest

Margreet Joosen is a sign dancer at ESF. Source: AVROTROS She only had two weeks to memorize the Polish and Norwegian Eurovision entries and learn the corresponding gestures. Avans employee Margreet Joosen is a sign dancer at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESF) and ensures that the song festival can also be followed by people with […]

Sandiaga Uno: Support the Creative Economy by Shopping on Local Brand Shopping Day 2021 – The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin, invited all levels of society to participate in advancing Indonesia’s creative economy industry. For example, by buying a local Indonesian brand. “Let’s continue to support Indonesia’s creative economy. Yes, by shopping on Local Brand Shopping Day 2021,” he said in a virtual conference for […]

Aciturri seeks investors to buy ITP Aero, while KKR and Bain advance in the bid

The engine manufacturer is valued at more than 1,500 million ITP Aero plant. Photo: ITP Aero The sale process of the Spanish aeronautical firm ITP Aero, controlled by the British Rolls Royce, runs its course. American funds KKR Y Bain Capital have passed to the next phase, on the contrary, Carlyle Y CVC have left […]

VIDEO. In Josselin, work on the new hospital is progressing and on schedule

Reconstruction of the Hospital Center Josselin (Morbihan), started in June 2020, is continuing according to the provisional schedule. “The past year was marked by a first phase of demolition, from February to April, before starting the installation of the site and the start of the shell in summer”, announces Erwan Privat, Deputy Director of the […]

Cinema and show schedules are advanced

Saturday, January 16, 2021, 00:22 CR The Department of Culture advances the start time of scheduled cultural shows to adapt to the new mobility restriction schedule set by the Government of Asturias at 10 pm. This affects five activities in this month of January at the Casa de Cultura and the Palacio Valdés theater: two […]

Crack: rumors of a new rivalry between Queen Elizabeth, Harry and Meghan Markle grow

A renowned expert on royal issues, Sean Smith, said that the Dukes of Sussex should take over a historic work of Queen Elizabeth II, giving rise to speculation of a new confrontation between members of the British crown Every year, the reina Isabell II distinguish in a Author of recent biography Meghan Misunderstood, Sean Smith […]

The exercise can hasten or delay our body clock

The physical exercise you can do that clocks in our body are alteredahead of or lag, which can be an important step to treat people with sleep disturbances or heart disease. A new research, published in the scientific journal ‘Journal of Physiology’, shows that only a 60-minute session of exercise changed the clocks of the […]