Police Find Grab Driver Who Harassed Female Passenger Due to Vomiting

Jakarta – Viral driver GrabCar allegedly committed sexual harassment to the persecution of a female passenger with the initials NT due to vomiting from inside the car in Tambora, West Jakarta (Jakbar). The Tambora Police are investigating the case. “An investigation has been carried out,” said Tambora Police Chief Kompol M Faruk when asked for […]

CNN US Fires Presenter Over Brother’s Sexual Harassment

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — CNN fired Chris Cuomo, his senior host and correspondent on Saturday (4/12) local time. Cuomo dismissed for allegedly helping his brother, former governor New York Andrew Cuomo came out of the trap of accusation sexual harassment. Days before being fired, Cuomo was first suspended from CNN during the investigation. “We retained […]

Unsri student admits she was asked by a lecturer about inner color and bra size via chat

Palembang – Sriwijaya University Student (Unsri) who claimed to be victims of sexual harassment by a lecturer with the initial R increased. The student with the initial D admitted that he was harassed by lecturer R with inappropriate words through a messaging application. This was revealed by D after giving information at the PPA Sub-Directorate […]

Staffan Hildebrand (75) admits: Abuse of younger boys

Staffan Hildebrand is best known to many for his 80s youth films «G som i Gemenskap» and «Stockholmsnatt». In the new book «G as in perpetrator», written by Sören «Sulo» Karlsson (52) and Deanne Rauscher (68), Hildebrand’s darkest sides are revealed. In the book, several tell about how the director dealt with young boys in […]

Admits Harassing Student, Head of Department at Unsri Removed

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Chancellor Sriwijaya University (Unsri) removes the position of a lecturer with the initials A who was dragged into the allegation sexual harassment to students on campus. The Rector of Unsri removed his position as head of the department in one of the faculties at Unsri. Deputy Chancellor 1 for Academic Affairs […]

Trial in New York: Epstein’s “right hand”? Maxwell is charged with abuse

Ghislaine Maxwell is said to have enabled the abuse of minors by Jeffrey Epstein – as the prosecution puts it. Who is the woman who is said to have fed girls to her ex-partner “daily”? At the start of the abuse trial against Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-partner Ghislaine Maxwell, the 59-year-old prosecutor accused the 59-year-old of […]

Gallegos River | The lawyer Jorge Lacrouts spoke about the case against Jorge Soloaga

The Commissioner of Development of Cañadón Seco, Jorge Soloaga was indicted on June 28 for the Judge Gabriel Contreras, of the Criminal Investigation Court No. 2 of Caleta Olivia, for the crime of Simple sexual abuse against Macarena Barrionuevo. But the cause lies stop since september, when the defense presented a challenge against that judge. […]