Synopsis The Bond of Love November 23, 2021: REVEALED! Jessica Involved in the Death of a Richman

GALAMEDIA Love Bond airs every day on RCTI at 20.00 WIB. The unpredictable story makes Love Bond became the number one soap opera in Indonesia.

Listen synopsis Love Bond 23 November 2021 below:

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Angga immediately brought Denis to the hospital and call Al. Not long, Al arrived at the hospital to talk to Denis.

Fortunately Denis can still talk. Flashback starts, it turns out first Denis indeed ordered by the family Al Fahri to investigate the matter Jessica after Hartawan’s death.

After weeks, Denis finally know that the CV that is owned Jessica contains false data.

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Denis even said this to Jessica. Say Denis, Jessica would be the main suspect in Hartawan’s death case if everyone knew that his CV was fake.

Because, Jessica is Hartawan’s closest person in the office.


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