Synopsis Balika Vadhu, Ganga dances, Jagya is enchanted, Sanchi is furious, Anandi Prefers Ganga?

WARTA LOMBOK – Synopsis Balika Vadhu Today’s ANTV tells about Ganga which dance beautifully on the day birthday Jagdish and make it awestruck.

That night, party birthday Jagdish held in Jaitsar, Anandhi with family Shiv also attended to enliven the event.

Grandpa Shiv and his family intends apply Jagdish for Sanchi and Sanchi happy too.

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Family Shiv arrived in Jaitsar and gave gifts birthday for Jagdish.

Sanchi give it a red Jazz then force it Jagdish wear it however Jagdish reject it.

Sanchi see cell phone bag belongs to Jagdish and asked who gave it, Jagdish even said Ganga which he has made for himself.

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Sanchi angry and stare Ganga with annoyance and insulting home decorations made Ganga.

Jagdish just smile and keep praising Ganga, the event started, Jagdish sitting with grandma Kalyani and Sanchi in the front seat.


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