Swedish snowboarder Sven Thorgren took bronze at the X-games

27-year-old Sven Thorgren who drives for Sollentuna SLK completely failed in the first run, crashed but managed to get down on his own two feet, writes Skidor.com.

After the crash chose Thorgren to stand over run number two but managed against all odds to complete a third run that gave him a third place.

– I am very proud that I was able to come back and, above all, put the frontside triple after crashing on it, says Sven Thorgren to Skidor.com.

Later in the morning Swedish time, Thorgren runs the big air competition in Aspen. That competition starts at 04 Swedish time.

– Now I will try not to look at the mobile, go home and put my legs in an ice bath and recover my body, he says to Skidor.com.

Sven Thorgren was the first Swedish snowboarder to take bronze in the X-Games in 2015 and in 2017 he took gold in slopestyle when the competition was decided in Norwegian Hafjell.

In 2014, he came fourth in the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

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