Swedish medal jumper Zebastian Modin misses the entire WC

Zebastian Modin, with five World Cup medals and as many Paralympic medals on the merit list, tested positive for covid-19 five days before the World Cup in Lillehammer, which began on Thursday last week.

Then the hope was not completely out that he could at least start in the sprint on Saturday. But now Modin announces that he is completely over the World Cup.

– We have decided that we will not go in any case. I might have been able to run the sprint this weekend, I have started to train a bit and so on. But we do not want a chance, he tells TT.

– If it had not been for the Paralympics this year, I would have run the sprint.

He points out that the Paralympics is the big goal this season. Modin hopes that the corona infection will not affect his chances of picking up new championship medals in Beijing in March.

– It’s hard to say, because everyone seems to react so differently. But as it feels now, I hope I do not. But then you do not know when you go on and start training harder and competing, says Modin.

The Paralympics will be inaugurated on March 4.

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