Suspected NYC subway shooter pleads not guilty

Frank James, the man suspected of shooting and causing mayhem in a crowded New York subway train on April 12, pleaded not guilty on Friday, May 13, including to the charge of terrorist attack, a source has said. judicial.

The 62-year-old, in custody, was recently indicted by a grand jury on charges of terrorism and shooting. If convicted of a terrorist attack, he faces life in prison. On the morning of April 12, at rush hour, the suspect, wearing a gas mask, had released two smoke devices, filling the train with fog, before firing several times.

Assessment of the attack, which occurred at the level of “36th Street“, a busy station in southern Brooklyn: 30 injured, including 10 by bullets, including several teenagers. After a manhunt lasting more than 24 hours, Frank James was arrested without putting up any resistance in Manhattan. After a first appearance, his lawyers had warned against any “hasty judgment“, highlighting that he himself had “called the police” to say “where he wasas he was being searched.

His possible motives remain to be clarified. Frank James hosted a YouTube page, called “prophetoftruth88(prophet of truth) where he was seen launching into long, sometimes rambling and vehement tirades about racial issues and insecurity in New York. Contacted by AFP on Friday, his lawyers did not respond immediately. The next hearing has been set for July 25.

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