Business Survey: workers due to Corona-crisis Job - Coronavirus Vienna

Survey: workers due to Corona-crisis Job – Coronavirus Vienna


Workers are worried about the safety of your workplace.
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The Corona-crisis workers, is currently preparing, especially with regard to the Job security of head break. Topics such as holidays or career back is more likely to work in the Background.

In the face of hundreds of thousands of the unemployed by the Corona-a crisis for workers especially in the safety of their workplace (59 per cent), followed by the economic consequences of the crisis for your company (57 percent), according to a survey by the job portal Stepstone.

As the crisis on the vacation plans (18 percent) or career (17 percent), the impact, currently plays for the workers so not a big role.

For the survey, 1,700 workers were in April, workers from all over Austria online interviewed, of which 670 in the home office.

Digital collaboration of colleagues work

digital collaboration works, therefore, better thought of as: 92
Percent of respondents, virtually reliable with your
Colleagues to work together and clear common goals
to track, 82%) (. For more 82 percent of the atmosphere is in the
Team, more than half (60 percent) is convinced that the
Crisis situation, colleagues and co-workers as a Team together to know and
all “a few percent” to the crisis there.

Two out of three workers exchange
virtually about professional or personal problems (63 percent).
Common digital breaks take place, however, hardly. “Without the
personal contact in the breaks is a more important informal
Channel of communication away,” said Stepstone-study leader, Barbara
Upper Rauter-Zabransky. Companies that continue to cooperation in the
The home office should consider methods to transfer these informal conversations on the virtual space, so the upper Rauter-Zabransky.



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