Surprised? Here is who won “Eurovision” 2022

Ukraine is the big winner in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. Musicians from this country thanked for the support.

“This victory is for every Ukrainian. Glory to Ukraine!” Said the big winners of the Kalush Orchestra.

The country collected a total of 631 points, of which 439 were from the audience. In second place was the United Kingdom with a total of 466 points. Spain is third, followed by Sweden, Serbia, Italy, Moldova and Greece.

25 songs and their performers competed for the love of the audience and national juries.

We remind you that many viewers suspected that Ukraine would win the race a few days ago.

Kalush Orchestra is a Ukrainian hip-hop group that combines ethnic motifs with modern sounds using a variety of folk instruments.

The group is named after the Ukrainian city of Kalush. Located at the foot of the Carpathians, it serves as an inspiration for the band members, who like to include in their songs various folklore elements and authentic Ukrainian music.

In addition, Kalush is the hometown of one of the band’s founders – Oleg Psyuk. The song, which represents Ukraine at Eurovision, was written by frontman Oleg Psyuk as a sign of love and respect for his mother Stefania.

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