Business Supermarkets to stunt with a 1 and a 2...

Supermarkets to stunt with a 1 and a 2 are free, but cheap it was not


In the last couple of weeks and spot some of them on a regular basis, the grocery store offers that will even go beyond the actions, you will get 1+1 free 2+1 free of charge. It can be actually stranger: 1+2, which is a rare phenomenon in our country.

This week, House is a number of that type of character, such as little packets of hot Chocolate and a Fristi, and the Ruby fabric softener, and last week it was in the bargain hunter to his work at the Albert Heijn supermarket, with products such as Oral-B, Dreft, and Persil. The client was able to three-pack Dreft-dishwasher tablets to take (regular price is 3 x 8,99 euro) for the price of one: a 8,99€.

Prijzenwebsite In the Price (NOT) to see that in the 1+2 is more common. Except in the AH and the House, these offers can also be viewed at the Jan Linders, Vomar and Dirk. Often they were the same, the products of the White Giant, Persil, Dreft, Ruby, Hero, Pepsi, and Sisi.

“Supermarkets are constantly looking for new ways to bring more customers into the store, pull in,” says Matthijs Neppelenbroek of that, NOT the data. “This action, first, in cleaning products and personal care products, and we have some new categories come along, such as yourself.”


Market researcher IRI it says that 1 and 2 are free of charge in our country are still a rarity. Sjanny van Beekveld on BY to see it, especially if noodgrepen manufacturers ‘ inventories and steep revenue declines and to restore it. “In the coronatijd, some products have been on sale, like detergent and products for personal care. That is probably the reason for that is now larger discounts are to give.”

That the small packaging of Chocolate, and Fristi are offered cheaper, has it in her to do that in the past, a lot of less-were being sold at places like RAILWAY stations, gas stations. “Perhaps they’re playing to get in on the recession, which is likely to be needed.”

According to IRI this year (up to and including the month of may), 21 per cent of the produce in the supermarket, on the market today. This was significantly lower than in the previous two years.


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