Super Green Pass closest, Compact Regions against No Vax. Advance to 5 months of the third dose of vaccine. Thursday the cdm

Compact regions against No Vax and ready to push on the Super Green Pass to facilitate vaccinated people. This is what emerges from the meeting between the governors and the executive, which ended around 19.30 and lasted just over an hour, on the new measures to face the fourth wave of Covid with the ministers of Regional Affairs and Health Mariastella Gelmini e Roberto Speranza, the undersecretary of the Prime Minister Roberto Garofoli.

Advance to 5 months of the third dose

The first measure announced by the executive is the advance to 5 months of the third dose of the vaccine, as anticipated by a tweet from Hope. A decision welcomed by the Regions, which also asked to make it mandatory for health and RSA. The (Northern League) governor of Lombardy Attilio Fontana has solicited a Super Green Pass that allows activities only to those who are vaccinated or cured. The Regions, in fact, have all asked the government to overcome the distinction in areas of different colors and move towards that between vaccinated and unvaccinated, leaving only the No Vax out of social life. The force president of Calabria is very incisive on this point Roberto Occhiuto. The goal is to reward vaccinated citizens, without introducing new limitations for them, and to offer certainty to the productive categories. For the president of Liguria Giovanni Toti it is also necessary to “increase border controls with the countries with the greatest circulation”. For that of the Aosta Valley Erik Lavevaz it is necessary to “protect the winter tourist season”. Meanwhile in South Tyrol curfew returns and the discos close.

Thursday the cdm after new summit with Regions

During the summit, the government reported that the CDM will be held on Thursday to decide on the new measures that will flow into a possible decree. The Regions have asked to be convened again before the council of ministers – in a control room that will probably be held as early as Wednesday – for a final passage of sharing with the territories on what will be decided.

Hope: “These are delicate hours”

“These are delicate hours, in which we are evaluating further choices to be made in the interest of the country within this still open battle against the virus”, said Speranza in a video message at the AIOP workshop. “In the coming days, the priority will be to keep the curve under control and avoid the explosion of the contagion that we are seeing in many other European countries”, he added. “Today we exceed 87% of Italians over the age of 12 who have had the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine – he continued – A very very relevant data, which however must be considered not a point of arrival, but still a stage . Each additional vaccination means having a stronger shield and being able to face the next few weeks better “.

Covid, Luca Zaia: “The vaccination obligation cannot work, better to limit the freedoms of No Vax”

of Old Concept

Covid, the provocation of Luca Zaia: “Vaccination obligation? We cannot impose it with handcuffs”


The obligation

But how did this meeting come about? The dominant position is to accelerate in view of Christmas also in order not to further penalize the productive categories. On the hypothesis of introducing the vaccination obligation, the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa he specified: “Obligation is an issue that the government has never ruled out and if there is a need to expand it to some categories, we are ready to do so”. And he added: “There will instead be a decision on the compulsory vaccination of the third dose for the categories for which the primary cycle obligation is already foreseen”.

But to support the obligation is instead Forza Italia which came out promptly – while the meeting between the government and the Regions was still in progress – with a note at the end of a meeting convened by the national coordinator Antonio Tajani in which ministers and undersecretaries participated, group leader and national leaders: “Forza Italia supports the need to strengthen the measures to curb the increase in infections from Covid19, avert possible new closures or lockdowns that could slow down the economic recovery that has already begun – reads the document -. After a discussion with experts and in the light of last year’s unfortunate experience, Forza Italia asks to introduce a health certificate or enhanced Green pass as soon as possible (only for vaccinated or recovered) for all those who work in contact with the public in the public and private sector We also ask to extend the standard health certificate or green pass to those who use local public transport . Forza Italia reiterates the importance of extending the vaccination obligation for health professions and asks that inclusion be evaluated for other categories of workers who work in contact with the public such as law enforcement and teachers “.

Il turisti

Another question to be resolved is how to deal with tourists and EU citizens. The legislation establishes that the EU pass – obtainable with a certificate of vaccination, recovery or with a negative swab – is accepted by all member states and allows “in principle to be exempted from restrictions on free movement”. With the super pass, therefore, the situation could arise that an Italian citizen cannot access a restaurant or a cinema and a French or a Spaniard can. The EU website states that “Member States must refrain from imposing further travel restrictions on holders of an EU digital Covid certificate, unless they are necessary and proportionate for the protection of public health” and, in in this case, the States must “inform the Commission and all other members and justify this decision”.


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