Super blow to the tip on Christmas night in Timis. Thieves have

TIMIS. They entered a house in Lugoj on the night of December 24 to 25, but left no presents, but left with a lot of money and valuable jewelry.

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The criminals acted on tiptoe, when the owners, owners of a store, were gone to Timisoara. The thieves entered the house on the first floor of the house, after climbing the walls.

The thieves left with the amount of 50,000 euros, 12 gold coins, but also more jewelry, he writes

The owners noticed the disappearance of the money and jewelry when they returned home and immediately called the police.

Police in Lugoj and Timisoara have begun an investigation to determine who the burglars are. An additional help for law enforcement officers are the surveillance cameras located in the vicinity of the robbed house.

They will watch the images in the hope that they will give them clues to catch the attackers.

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